Even though, I loved every single episode of this show, I have some favorite episodes/arcs.
The Mortis arc (3×15-3×16-3×17)
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Like I said previously, it is a very special arc that deals with the Force and some of its origins. I love the concept of this family called the Ones being the a sort of equation of the Force – the Son tends to the Dark Side, the Daughter tends to the Light Side and the Father is the balance between the two. Mortis IS the Force. This family is a small reproduction of what happens in the galaxy between the Sith and the Jedi. In the end, Mortis is destroyed – the Daughter is dead, the Son is dead, the Father is dead. The balance has been restored and it has been restored by the Chosen One – Anakin Skywalker who killed the Son. I think these events on Mortis have hardened our jedi heroes Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan. It has been quite a journey for them. This arc proved that the Prophecy about the Chosen One had probably not been read in the proper way – the Prophecy probably said that Anakin had to fall on the Dark Side before bringing the balance to the Force. Anakin fell for the first time in the Dark Side on Mortis by chance the Father was here to erase this part of Anakin’s memory. However, Anakin will do the same mistake in ‘Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith’. It seemed like if his fall to the Dark Side was inevitable.
The final Ahsoka arc (5×17-5×18-5×19-5×20)
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This arc concludes the story of Ahsoka Tano as a padawan. It opens with an aerial battle which is quite Star Wars like to open with a battle. This one happens on Cato Neimoidia. Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order was quite a shock, of course she was not in Star Wars Episode III but I would have never expected this. I don’t think there was a better way to end her story. I understand the decision she made. She has been trapped by Barriss Offee and Anakin was the only one who stands on her side. In results, she feels betrayed, she devoted her life to the Order and the Order did not supported her. She was almost on her own. This arc shows how much weak the Jedi Council is becoming and how superficial they have become – they can’t even stand on one of their member’s side because of the public opinion and the pressure of the Chancelor. The Republic base on Coruscant announces the premises of the Galactic Empire. Darkness surrounds these four episodes. The ending of the arc is probably one of the saddest moment in the entire Star Wars saga : Ahsoka Tano refuses to come back in the Order and Anakin talks to her one last time before she leaves the Jedi Temple. Every elements is here to make you feel the sadness of the scene – the music, the dialogues, the sets. The sky created for this is astonishing. It is a dark sky but there is a light in the middle of it. This darkness of the sky is a way to announce the dark times that are coming and the light is Ahsoka making the right decision – walking away from the darkness. In these final moments of Ahsoka, we learn in an indirect way that she understood Anakin is in love with Padmé. As Anakin says he understands Ahsoka’s decision more than ever because he would want to take the same decision but he can’t – he’s the Chosen One, he has to bring balance to the Force.
The Clone Wars movie
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It is the first time we see Ahsoka Tano. At this time, she is inexperienced and has a lot to learn. It does not start well with her master Anakin who doesn’t like her but as we move toward the end of the battle of Christophsis, Anakin becomes to appreciate her. It’s the start of a great relationship. The movie has two important big battles. The first one being on Christophsis, a crystalline world (there are also two episodes showing more about the battle of Christophsis – 1×16 ‘The Hidden Enemy’ and 2×16 ‘Cat and Mouse’). This is a lovely planet with a beautiful design for the buildings (both the interior and exterior). This battle is explosive, lots of action and lots of clones and droids involved in it. The second battle being on Teth, a jungle planet. It’s an original battle – the assault of the B’Omarr Monastery is vertical. It is breathtaking. We see AT-TE climbing the cliff of the Monastery – impressive.
Onderon arc (5×02-5×03-5×04-5×05)
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This arc is the premises to the Rebellion that will be created during the Empire Galactic era. Anakin had the good idea to form civilians to fight on their homeland in case of a separatist invasion. It would open another front against the Separatists. In the case of Onderon, the Jedi Council cannot really intervene as the King of Onderon decided to join the Separatists – the Separatists are here because it’s a Separatist planet. However, this King is not the real king, he overthrew the real king. So that’s why the Jedi Council sends Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan to form rebels. This arc also marks the return of Lux Bonteri, Ahsoka’s friend who is now against the Separatists who killed his mother. At the end of the arc, he becomes the new senator of Onderon and joins the Republic. There is a kind of love triangle between Ahsoka, Lux and the rebel leader, Steela. We clearly see that Ahsoka has feelings for Lux but she is a jedi so she has not the right to fall in love with him. In his previous appearance, Lux seemed to be in love with Ahsoka but now that he met Steela, he seems to see Ahsoka more as a friend. However, Steela dies at the end of the arc but her death is seen as a symbol. She was the leader of the rebels, she gave hope to Onderon and she helped Onderon to be free again. In this battle, we don’t have clones involved except in the first episode when Rex is here to train rebels with the jedi. It gives us another look to the war. Civilians become soldiers. First a disorganize rebel group and with the help of the jedi, this group becomes an organized rebellion able to free their homeland.
The Clovis arc (6×05-6×06-6×07)
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This arc marks the return of Rush Clovis who was last seen in the episode 4 of season 2 ‘Senate Spy’. Clovis hasn’t evolved since the beginning, he has stayed the same man who makes the same mistakes and who still wants to break Padmé’s happiness. Commander Thorn is like the clone trooper Heavy (season 1 episode 5 ‘Rookies’), a big fighter who dies in an epic way as a hero. The battle of Scipio is a quick battle but it has some good space moments. It is a political and economical trilogy, we go on Scipio, the Banking Clan planet. This arc also deals a lot with the relationship between Padmé and Anakin. With some moments of jealousy from Anakin that almost lead them to divorce as Padmé suggests him to stop seeing each other as they deceive everyone everytime. Of course, it doesn’t happen, it is resolved by the end of the episode. I loved in the end, this moment when Anakin is trying to save Padmé and Clovis and Clovis sacrifices himself again for Padmé. He did it twice but this last time, he died. Then Padmé and Anakin have their lovely moment in the arms of each other at the top of the tower in ruin in the middle of a battle, it was quite romantic.
The Order 66 arc (6×01-06×02-6×03-6×04)
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This arc deals with the famous or shoud I say the unfamous order 66. It all starts with the clone trooper Tup who executes a jedi on the space station of Ringovinda during the battle. The first episode revolve around this battle. We get to see some good action. We discover new super battle droid, they are read and have a triple blaster, it’s quite deadly. Then with the two other episodes, we go to Kamino to discover why Tup has done that. We learn that he has tumor that made him behave like this. From this, we learn that all the clones have in their brain a chip that forces them to kill the jedi when they receive the order 66. It is something we didn’t know, when Star Wars Episode III we all discovered the order 66 but we didn’t really know what it really was. With this arc, we finally know what is exactly the order 66. We also have some additional informations about the Kaminoans. They lied to the Republic, they are in contact with Dooku and they know that he is the leader of the Separatists. They tell him about the order 66 problem with Tup. They work with him. They do the clone army for the Republic as it was requested but they know, Dooku is their chief not the Republic. So they play a double game with the Republic. The final episode of this arc is on Coruscant. We discover that there is a bar for clones and some of them are really drunk. So the clones also have some free time and some buildings of their own on Coruscant. This final episode leads to the death of the arc trooper Fives who had discovered what the order 66 was all about.


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