I will now finish with my favorite characters of the show.
Anakin Skywalker
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In Star Wars Episode I, II, III, IV, Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite character but in The Clone Wars it is Anakin Skywalker my first favorite character. In Star Wars Episode III, Anakin is kind of the character we hate because he falls into the Dark Side, he makes the wrong choice and destroys the Jedi Order with him. In The Clone Wars, we have the Anakin who is not yet the man who will brings darkness to the galaxy. He is the jedi knight, the warrior, the best pilot of the galaxy and the good friend of Obi-Wan and Ahsoka. He is someone who cares about the clones, his clones and had developed a strong friendship with the clone captain Rex. He knows when it’s time to retreat, he won’t put in an unecessary danger his troops. He is not the jedi who really follows the rule, he is not that jedi, he follows his book. He comes up with some crazy plans and they are working ! Like in the citadel arc with the carbonite. He has proven that he could be a good actor in the Slaves arc when he plays a scoundrel. He is the jedi with full of imagination and will always find a solution to a problem. But he also makes mistake, he is a jedi who is very human. He is often in the middle of troubles. He is someone we appreciate, someone we can identify to. Star Wars Episode III presents the relationship between Anakin and Padmé (before Anakin becomes Darth Vader) as an happy relationship where there are no problems except the fact that they have to hide because he is a jedi. The Clone Wars shows that there have been some troubles like in every couple, everything is not white in their relationship with the Clovis arc and the episode 4 of season 2 ‘Senate Spy’, Anakin is jealous of this ex-boyfriend of Padmé – Rush Clovis – and he doesn’t like Padmé do be around him. This jealousy is quite strong with Anakin. However, The Clone Wars shows us of course the good side of their relationship too. 1.22 ‘Hostage Crisis’, 1.4 ‘Destroy the Malevolence’ show them as two person who love each other and two person who are happy.
Ahsoka Tano
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Ahsoka had a great evolution throught the show. It’s incredible to see what she’s been through from the movie to her very last arc. At her first appearance, she is this fourteen-year-old padawan who is so excited about the war and when she leaves the Jedi Order she is this seventeen-year-old self-assured girl who has learnt a lot about life and who is now heading to the unknown. The fact that her master was Anakin influenced a lot her actions. Anakin is not the normal type of jedi, he is the guy who is different and so is she. She has learnt more with him than she could have ever learnt with any other jedi. She is also a kind of barrier for Anakin, she keeps him on the right path. She is someone who is able to recognize her mistakes and learns from them as we can see in the episode 19 of season 1 ‘Storm Over Ryloth’. Just like Anakin, Ahsoka deals with jealousy. We see that she has feelings for Lux but as the battle of Onderon goes, she learns that she has to concentrate on the mission and in the end, she accepts the fact that they can just be friends.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
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Obi-Wan is the wise jedi we know from the movies. In The Clone Wars, we see a side of Obi-Wan we have never seen before. He was in love with a woman, the model of the perfect jedi we had, has been in love with someone, with Satine Kryze. And we learn that if she has told him that she was in love with him, he would have left the Jedi Order at the time they met when he was a young padawan. We realize that he is not so different that Anakin, he has been through the same thing – love. However, he made the other decision, not to be with her. In his heart, he always loved her and he can’t hide his feelings when she dies. He is sad and he shows his sadness. ”The minute we love, the world has something to use against us.”
Satine Kryze
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Satine is the Duchess of the New Mandalore. She is a pacifist, she is against the clone wars and so she is in the neutral systems. She is the leader of the neutral systems. She is a strong female character that deals with a lot things. Many things are against her but even with this, she doesn’t give up, she fights for her beliefs. The Death Watch is her worst enemy because they want to restore the violent Mandalore of the past but she stands against them, she does everything she can to stop them. She also deals with corruption in season 3. The New Mandalore is not a solid government because of all these problems but Satine does her best to keep Mandalore on the right side. Her death is the saddest death of the series for me. She dies in the arms of the man she always loved and this man, Obi-Wan she has never been able to live with him, to live the love story she wanted to live with him.
Lux Bonteri
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Lux has done quite journey throughout the series. In his first appearance, he is this separatist, son of a separatist senator. He is young, he lives in the separatist capital, he thinks that Republic and Jedi are evil, corrupted, monsters because he doesn’t know them. But then comes Ahsoka Tano. He learns from her and she learns from him. He is also an orphan of the war – he has lost his father in a battle and her mother was killed by Count Dooku. Such events has touched him a lot and leads him to do some mistakes. Indeed, he tries to be an ally of the Death Watch by chance Ahsoka saves him from this mess. During this event, Lux and Ahsoka friendship grows stronger and almost reaches status of a love relationship in some ways. This leads Lux to the man he is in the Onderon arc. He is a young man who has learnt that revenge won’t lead him anywhere but freedom is an ideal from which he is prepared to die. The war was changed him into a soldier and he is a soldier who fights for his homeland.

Padmé Amidala
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She is such a great character and a strong female character, probably the best senator. Her speech in 3.11 ‘Pursuit of Peace’ is the best Senate speech ever delivered in the Star Wars saga. ”Teckla Minnau. Teckla is one of my aides. Like so many of the people that we tell ourselves we’re here to serve, Teckla lies in a district that rarely has electricity and running water as a result of the war. Her children can now only have bathe every two weeks, and they have no light in which to read or study at night. The Republic has always funded these basic services, but now, there are those who would divert the money to the war with no thought for what the people need to survive. If not for people like Teckla and her children, who are we fighting for ? My people, your people, all of our people. This war is meant to save them from suffering, not increase it. I support our brave soldiers, whether they come from the clones factories or from any of the thousands of systems loyal to the Republic, but if we continue to impoverish our people, it is not on the battlefield where Dooku will defeat us, but in our own homes. Therefore, it is our duty and our responsibility to preserve the lives of those around us by defeating this bill.” This speech shows so much of Padmé’s strength. She is not only a wise senator but also a brave character as we can see in 1.18 ‘Mystery of a Thousand Moons’ , she is both a diplomat and a fighter. She is one of these senators who really work for a better Republic and she believes in democracy and we can see in 6.07 Crisis at the Heart that Padmé is hurt when Palpatine declares the banks are in the control of the Republic. This same scene reminds me of Padmé in ROTS when Palpatine creates the Empire.


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