I finally got my Star Wars The Clone Wars The Lost Missions on Blu-Ray a few days ago. I thought interesting to share my thoughts about it.


The cover features Yoda and a Kamino clone. Yoda surely has his place on the cover as the final arc of these lost missions is the Yoda arc. The clone represents the Order 66 arc, one of the other major arcs of this season.

The box contains two discs – the first disc is Obi-Wan Kenobi, it contains the Order 66 arc, Clovis arc and Jar Jar/Windu arc; the second disc is Anakin Skywalker, it contains the Yoda arc and the bonus.

Language options: English 5.1, French, Spanish (for the episodes)

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish (for the episodes)

The blu-ray is region free.

The Video and the audio 5/5

Watching The Clone Wars The Lost Missions on blu-ray is an all new experienc and brings the show to a new level. It’s visually cinema quality – watching The Lost Missions is like watching a movie. The scenes on Coruscant by day, by night, it feels like in ROTS. The importance of details is here from the speeder on the background to the lights of the buildings or also to the plants. Through the entire series, the show has visually evolved and this season shows the best of this evolution.

The audio is also cinema quality in Dolby Digital 5.1.

The Content 5/5

The Lost Missions contain 4 arcs – the Order 66 arc, the Clovis arc, the Jar Jar/Windu arc and the Yoda arc. These four arcs are important stories to the series and to the understanding of the overall saga. The Order 66 arc is dealing with the secrets of the Order 66 which leads to the fall of the Jedi in ROTS. A very dramatic and high-paced arc featuring Fives as the main character. Anakin, Rex and Shaak Ti are supporting characters in this one. It’s good to have Shaak Ti back (which means Tasia Valenza is back too !), a very wise and interesting jedi and on Kamino again! The Clovis arc is important for the relationship between Anakin and Padmé. Their marriage is tested to its limits with the return of Rush Clovis. Concerning the bigger picture, this arc is a turning point in the war and in Palpatine/Sidious’ plans as the banks fell under the control of the Republic which will give in the future the funds for Palpatine to build his Death Star. The Jar Jar/Windu arc is about our two heroes going on Bardotta to find out what is happening to its people. Mother Talzin is behind this mystery. This arc is to watch before reading Darth Maul Son of Dathomir which explains Talzin’s motivations and thus answers why she was trying to steal the Force out of the Bardottans. Finally the Yoda arc is extremely important to the mythology of the Force as Yoda goes on an extraordinary journey to learn how to manifest himself after death. Liam Neeson was kind enough to return as Qui-Gon Jinn! This arc also gives us the answers about the mystery surrounding Syfo-Dyas, the master jedi supposedly behind the creation of the clone army.

Bonus 4/5

As you know it’s a Disney release and not a Warner Bros release so there is not the Jedi Temple Archives present on the previous seasons. However we get one of the best documentary of the series – The Clone Wars Declassified. This one gives us a look at the crew who made this show what it is – the best of Star Wars. The crew shares here their best memories from their 8 years of work at Lucasfilm Animation for Star Wars The Clone Wars. We can see that for these people were more than co-workers but they really formed a family. We see again how much George Lucas was involved in the production of it and how much this show mattered to him. We also witness the final day at work of this brilliant crew and their goodbye to the series.

The second bonus is the 4-part Utapau story reel arc. The animation is unfinished but the voice recordings and music was done. This arc features Anakin and Obi-Wan on Utapau trying to avoid the Separatists to obtain a powerful and dangerous giant Kyber crystal.

Overall 4.5/5

The weakness of this blu-ray is the bonus as it doesn’t feature the Jedi Temple Archives with deleted scenes, concept arts. However The Lost Missions contain one of the best episodes of this series. This blu-ray is a must-have for all star wars fans. So go buy this blu-ray, turn off the lights, turn on the TV and watch these 13 brilliant episodes !


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