The front cover features the heroes while the back cover features the villains and on the left and right sides features C-3PO and R2-D2 on one side and on the other Cad Bane. The box is divided into two boxes – one with S1-2-3 featuring Rex Phase I on the front cover and Cody Phase I on the back cover, the second box with S4-5 featuring Cody Phase II on the front cover and Rex Phase II on the back cover. There are 14 blu-ray discs in it. Some of the pictures of the discs vary from the original blu-ray releases of the seasons (for example the last season 2 disc image is Mace Windu and the final season 5 disc image is Hondo Ohnaka).

You also have an episode guide booklet and a little book featuring never seen before concept arts of the series.

Language options: English 5.1, French, Spanish (for the episodes)

Subtitle options: English, French, Spanish (for the episodes and commentaries)

The blu-ray is free region.

The video and audio 5/5

Throughout the years, the series has visually evolved with its special and unique animation. It started with wonderful stunning visuals with the movie and season 1 and ended with brilliant stunning visuals in season 4-5. It is really cinema quality from the details of the characters to the details in the background and its diversity evolving each season.

The audio is also cinema quality in Dolby Digital 5.1.

The Content 5/5

The main feature content is the first five seasons of the series. I am not going to give a summary of each arcs because it would be too long obviously but I will say this : the story of Star Wars The Clone Wars is one of the most brilliant Star Wars stories ever told, there is a tablet of emotions and depth in the stories of the episodes that makes it brilliant. The cast is a talented and devoted cast that gives so much to the series with their awesome work. The first season mainly focuses on the war itself. The second season is also mainly focused on the war itself but also digs on other matters with the bounty hunters. The third season is more centred on politics and the Force Mythology with also the war obviously. The fourth season is of various focus from the war to fun adventures and also to stories outside the war. The final season is also a focus of various themes including a different side of the war, Maul’s storyline more about Jedi Mythology, droids adventures and Ahsoka. The Clone Wars does not only focus on the clone wars but also gives spotlight to events happening at this time but not being part of the war. The series also gives spotlight to characters that were background characters in the movies. The series is able to explore so many much things because it has the time to do so not like in the movies where the movies are a limited time and needs to focus on the main storyline. With a series, George Lucas had the opportunity to explore things he could not explore in the movies.

Bonus 5/5

The first bonus is this special little book of concept arts from season 1 to 5. Then the big ultimate bonus is the Jedi Temple Archives present for each episodes. These archives include concept arts, table turnarounds of characters, animation developments for some scenes, deleted scenes, alternative scenes for each episodes and this is simply extraordinary. It is the treasure you are looking for, a pleasure for the eyes ! Then there are the commentaries for some episodes and arcs, very interesting videos, explaining how they make the series and revealing certain information concerning characters, storylines and development.

Overall 5/5

If you are a star wars fan, you definitely need this collector’s edition box set! It has the complete first five seasons in it with a box designed for collectors and a book with special never-seen-before concept arts. The first five seasons of The Clone Wars are simply brilliant, every season being better than the previous one and every season being even more visually stunning than the previous one. Star Wars The Clone Wars is one of the most important pillars of the Star Wars saga and a perfect bridge between AOTC and ROTS.


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