Star Wars Digital Movie Collection – To Buy Or Not To Buy ?

As you all know the Prequels/Prelogy and Original Trilogy got a HD digital release this week. Today we are going to talk about whether this is worth buying or not.

The 6 films already exist on Blu-Ray in three versions : the prelogy box without bonus, the trilogy box without bonus and the all 6 movies box set with a load of bonus. The complete movie saga costs 89.99$ on blu-ray on Amazon ( ), this is the box set you need to buy, you got the movies on blu-ray and tons of worth watching bonus.

The digital edition costs 89,99$ ( ) a price completely ridiculous for digital, this is the same price as the blu-ray, there is a real problem, it should cost less. The collection contains the 6 movies plus some bonus here to make you want to buy it because who would want digital version when you have the blu-ray ? This release is just to make you waste some dollars so, forget about the digital. Blu-ray quality is always superior to digital and you can take a blu-ray box set everywhere with your computer to watch the movies whenever you want so buy the blu-ray box set, that is a set that is worth buying for fans of Star Wars.


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