The first episode of Star Wars Rebels season 2 is called “The Siege of Lothal”. The season 2 premiere airs on Disney X.D this Summer.
A few things we learned from the people of saw the exclusive screening at celebration last week :

  •  Lando Calrissian makes an appearance and has a scene with Hera Syndulla
  •  The duel Kanan vs. Darth Vader is in the premiere
  • The premiere features the Phoenix Squadron (which the concept arts had been revealed during the Rebels Con of S1 finale)
  • There is a lot of Ahsoka Tano
  • Darth Vader is ruthless
  • Something happens to Sabine’s armor that leads to change it for the rest of season 2
  • A recurring character from season 1 finds their fate
  • The rebels have to leave Lothal because of high presence of Imperials that Darth Vadeer brought (as suggested in the trailer)
  • The clones are not featured in this episode but will appear later and will be recurring in season 2
  • and finally season 2 will have 22 episodes !

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