Name: Sabine Wren & Stormtrooper

Collection : Star Wars Rebels Mission Series

Number : MS 08

Accessories : E-11 Blaster, two WESTAR-35 Blaster Pistols

Comments :

Sabine and the stormtrooper are in the animated style of the series Star Wars Rebels. They both have 5 points of articulation, the stormtrooper is a repack of the SL01 Stormtrooper. The Sabine figure that I got is the corrected version, there is another version with black marks in front of the helmet instead of purple. Her two blasters fit in her holsters but be careful the blasters are tiny and can easily fall from the holsters. I love this figure, the only problem is she does not have a removable helmet but season 2 is coming soon and Sabine gets a new look so it will give Hasbro a chance to do a Sabine with removable helmet.

Gallery :
(to see the image in their full size click right on your mouse and select view image)

Sabine Wren:



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