[Hasbro] [Visual Guide] Star Wars Rebels MS19 Hera Syndulla & Stormtrooper Commander


Name: Hera Syndulla & Stormtrooper Commander

Collection : Star Wars Rebels Mission Series

Number : MS 19

Accessories : Blurgg-1120 Blaster, E-11 Blaster Rifle

Comments :

Like all the figures in the Mission Series and Saga Legends, Hera and the Stormtrooper have 5 points of articulation and they are in the animated style of the series Star Wars Rebels. The Stormtrooper Commander is a repaint of the SL01 Stormtrooper, plus has an orange pauldron. Hera is a great figure, the figure is exactly like the character in the series!

Gallery :
(to see the image in their full size click right on your mouse and select view image)

Hera Syndulla :

Stormtrooper Commander :



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