Star Wars Rebels Season 2 – What I’d like to see

Star Wars Rebels season 2 is coming soon (the one-hour premiere this Summer and regular episodes this Fall) and I have been thinking about things I’d like to see in this new season, here’s my list :

  • Lux Bonteri – His character received a beautiful evolution in The Clone Wars – he started as son of Mina Bonteri a separatist senator, then when his mother got killed by Count Dooku he left the separatists and tried to get his revenge from Dooku and finally Lux was part of the rebels of Onderon in Star Wars The Clone Wars season 5, these Onderon rebels wanted their planet to be free from the Separatist oppression. They believed in the same values as the rebels from Star Wars Rebels so I think that he would be a perfect candidate to be part of the rebellion during the Empire era, he is a freedom fighter. Lux who was appointed senator of Onderon when his homeworld was free could be like Senator Bail Organa and Senator Mon Mothma part of the Rebellion leaders, though at the difference of Bail “who does not fight with guns but leads” (if you see what I mean) I would like to see Lux more as a fighter with a blaster like we got to see him in The Clone Wars. Furthermore, Lux was a close friend from Ahsoka and I loved their friendship so seeing them together again fighting this time the stormtroopers would be an amazing moment.
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  •  Saw Gerrera – Saw was one of the rebels of Onderon in the fifth season of Star Wars The Clone Wars, it would be interesting for our Ghost crew to go to Onderon and work with a rebel cell from this planet in which Saw could be a part of.
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  • More Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren adventures – in season 1 we got the episode ‘Out of Darkness’ that focused on Hera and Sabine going on a mission together, it explored their friendship ( in which Hera represents a motherly figure) so I would like to see more episodes like this in the upcoming season.
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  •  GR-75 Medium Rebel Transport – These transports are emblematic vehicles from the Rebellion fleet just as the CR90 Corvette we saw in season 1, so to see them in season 2 would be great !
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  •  What Tseebo told to Hera – In the episode ‘Gathering Forces’, before getting into Fulcrum’s ship, Tseebo said he had to tell Hera about Ezra’s parents fate but what he told her was not shown on screen, I could imagine that it is either how Ezra’s parents died or that his parents are alive. Since the beginning of season 1, it has been one of the questions surrounding Ezra – are his parents alive ? Getting the answer in season 2 would close this question and would allow Ezra to know if he has to find his parents or if he has to accept that they’re truly gone.
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  • Y-Wing – We know that with season 2 we are getting A-Wing, B-Wing so why not Y-wing ? The Y-wing is by far my favorite starfighter from the Rebellion so introducing it in season 2 would be great ! With Star Wars The Clone Wars we learned that this ship was a Republic ship. In Star Wars Rebels, the rebellion is not as it is in ANH, ESB and ROTJ, they are at their beginning so having an arc of two episodes in season 2 in which the Ghost crew with Ahsoka could still some Y-Wings to the Empire (the Imperials probably stopped using it and put their Y-Wings in hangars on some planet).
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  • Garel – With season 2 we know that our heroes will go to other planets than Lothal (as Hera said in the season 2 trailer, they have to leave Lothal) so it would be nice to see Garel again that was developed for the episode ‘Droids in Distress’ in season 1.
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  • Shaak Ti – We do not know her fate, in ROTS she had a death by Grievous in the deleted scenes during the battle of Coruscant but we know this one does not count as Shaak Ti is there during the Jedi Council sessions in ROTS then there was another deleted scene in which Shaak Ti was killed by Anakin who is at that moment renamed Darth Vader (but does not wear the famous armor yet) when he attacks the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion but this is a deleted scene it was not included in the movie. In Star Wars The Clone Wars, Yoda has a vision on Dagobah about the future of the Jedi Order and Shaak Ti is featured in his vision being killed by a blue lightsaber (either Darth Vader or Grievous from the deleted scenes) but this is a vision that may not have happened, indeed some of other Yoda’s visions never happened – Mace, Obi-Wan and other Jedi fighting the clones but some have happened – Sidious killing Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto. So Shaak Ti’s fate is left unknown, all the ten thousand Jedi in the Galaxy did not die from Order 66 as The Inquisitors were created to hunt them, therefore Shaak Ti could still be alive and if she is, it would definitely love to see her in season 2 and voiced by Tasia Valenza again like in Star Wars The Clone Wars.
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    Finally I would have added Captain Rex to my list but we already know he is coming back thanks to season 2 trailer !
    This was my list of what I’d like to see in Star Wars Rebels season 2, now tell us what you would like to see in this upcoming second season!

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