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The Force Awakens has a new, official, and not to mention second Teaser Trailer now! This teaser was released and shown to the participating audiences at Star Wars Celebration( Which took place last week, In Anaheim, California April 16-19), as well as for the fan like myself who watched the entire celebration via livestream got a glimpse of the Teaser too! The trailer begins for a few seconds with a black screen then goes to a sort of haunting but exciting sound, along with Lucasfilm’s official company logo. Transitioning from that we hear the classic John Williams track that we hear when we see Luke Skywalker, in “A New Hope” looking at the famous and well known Binary Sunset on Tattooine!  Speaking of Tattooine I am not completely sure if the desert region we saw in both Teasers are on the planet of Tattooine, or JJ Abrams might have been creative enough to create a new planet. We’ll probably get some insight on that. Daisy Ridley plays a new character in the Saga, (Whose relations to the cast we have yet to find out) named Rey. We first see this character in the first official teaser riding away on this new type of speeder, in a desert region looking alarmed. My best guess is in the new Teaser if you pay attention in the back, that’s probably her. So much has happened already in the first few seconds and we see a crashed X-Wing fighter and an Imperial Star Destroyer crashed as well. I wonder if that was Luke’s old fighter. This Shot alone took my breath away. Looks so simple but amazing at the same time!

Then at exactly thirty three seconds in do we transition into another black screen shot, hearing the voice of the amazing Mark Hamill saying “The Force is Strong in my Family.” Coming out of the darkness was Darth Vader! Well Darth Vader’s melted and deformed looking helmet. Probably the remains of what survived the fire Luke lit to mourn his father in “Return of The Jedi”.

John Williams did confirm he was working on a new score for this movie, and this one takes a whole new turn from the master himself. The score is chilling, frightening, suspenseful, and not to mention a little creepy enough to give me goosebumps. This adds such a great effect to seeing the remains of the Dark Lord of the Sith. I also hope to hear Luke or Leia tell about their father to the new characters in this film too! Backing up to Luke Skywalker, we hear him say one of his famous quotes from “Return of the Jedi” with: “The Force is strong in my Family.  My Father has it, I have it, my sister has it, You have that power too”.  Mark Hamill confirmed at Celebration this year that he recorded that line again for the trailer but JJ Abrams added the audio from “Return of Jedi” and combined them together. “My Sister has it”. In that shot we see our best guess, Leia passing on Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber (Or Luke’s first Lightsaber given by Obi Wan) to someone possibly Female by looking at the shape and size of the hand, again probably Daisy Ridley’s character too.  We see Luke get his hand cut off by Vader in “Empire Strikes Back”, but the hand is still holding on to the Lightsaber and is never seen again till now. So my only question for this scene is where did they find or get the Lightsaber back from? Before that scene we also see Luke wearing a robe with the hood on and his mechanical arm on top of R2’s Dome, both in front of a fire.  Next we see the X-Wings over the water which looks amazing!

The excitement does not stop there! Kylo Ren and his Tri-Saber ignited, we have Finn, Rey, and BB-8 running away from a huge explosion, so many Stormtroopers turn around in the new but awesome looking armor! More of Finn and Rey, mostly concerned about Finn taking his helmet off ,looking angry, sad, or maybe feels like he’s regretting something he did.

We do get to see more Tie Fighter action and a chrome Stormtrooper with a cape who is I think the same Stormtrooper in the Tie fighter chasing after the Millennium Falcon! I’m not going to lie seeing the falcon AGAIN, was really exciting for me! Then we came to if not, the biggest moment of all! We hear the word “Chewie” and then see Han and Chewie! I discovered Star Wars by myself according to my parents when I was only three years old seeing a trailer on TV, since then my dad had shown me the Original Trilogy, and my love for the cast in those movies got bigger and bigger over the years. That’s part of the reason why I got so excited to see Harrison Ford. Not only that but a few months before, Harrison Ford suffered in a plane crash and as a huge fan of his, I was pretty worried and sad to hear the news. To see him back and know that he is well again puts a smile on my face! Han ends the trailer with the words “We’re Home” to Chewie. I’m not going to lie no matter how old Harrison Ford gets, he will always have the best smile ever. He just looked so happy in the shot it made me really happy. Being so overly excited and happy to see him again I also cried tears of happiness and tried not to cheer or scream too loud for the whole trailer which was placed before my very eyes! I can’t wait till December 18th comes around!


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