[Hasbro] What is going on with Star Wars figures ?

The release of Star Wars The Force Awakens is coming soon and this means Star Wars figures from Hasbro based on the movie so maybe it is time to take a look back at what Hasbro is doing these days the good but also the bad points too.

Few years ago back in 2008, it was the release of the movie Star Wars The Clone Wars and it marked the launch of the new Hasbro line based on The Clone Wars movie and series, an animated line of highly detailed and articulated figures. This line started with a bang by releasing the first, what was called Big vehicle, AT-TE and on the realistic line called The Legacy Collection the Big Millenium Falcon (something totally awesome compared to the old tiny versions of the Falcon released). These two vehicles were huge hits. The Clone Wars line sold very well and proposed a good range of figures going from the core characters to secondary characters. It was with no doubt the best line that Hasbro did in their entire time doing Star Wars figures. The next year in 2008, this line got a new big vehicle the Turbo Tank and then in 2010 the NU-Class Attack Shuttle. So that is 3 big vehicles that were quite famous within the Star Wars universe. It also got a lot of other vehicles like Jedi starfighters and Vulture droids, Hyena Bombers … You could go to any stores you would find The Clone Wars figures, each year from 2008 to 2011 there were dozens of The Clone Wars figures released, dozens! The Legacy Collection also did a pretty good job and was easily find with a large range of figures. The realistic collection in 2010 became the Vintage Collection returning to the very old packaging from the Kenner years, the vintage collection got its big vehicle the AT-AT imposing and massive! This were the golden years of Star Wars figures. Though these years from 2008-2011 had one negative points, the female figures, well, it was not quite that. Indeed, The Clone Wars line never got the chance to get a Satine Kryze, Adi Gallia, Lagos, Mother Talzin (the nightsister figure released in 2012 was not Mother Talzin, it was based on a concept art from TPM), Riyo Chuchi, Padmé in senator gear, Latts Razzi, Lagos and a lot of other female figures. Certainly let’s not forget this line got female figures like Ahsoka, Barriss, Cato, Luminara, Aayla but it was not a lot. Then came 2012 and 2013 the worst years in The Clone Wars line, Hasbro literally destroyed this line at the time of season 4 and 5. Only very few figures were released, the last wave was only available in Europe. Talking about Europe, one interesting thing, the prices were cheap in US for figures whereas in Europe there were not that cheap. Hasbro totally forgot this line, where Lux Bonteri figure is ? and where is Tup, Jesse Phase II with removable helmet, 501st clones … where are these figures ? Hasbro simply destroyed its best line ever as Disney was cancelling it after season 5. The Vintage Collection did not so bad, no so bad, it released pretty good figures  but the best years were gone. The battle packs, the deluxe figures, it all went away. In 2012, Hasbro released one last big vehicle the MTT for the TPM 3D release but this vehicle despite its awesomeness was hugely expensive (price got cheaper years later) and TPM figures pretty much stayed in stores for months (though these figures were great but once you have bought them you will most likely not buy them a second time), leaving collectors only the choice to buy new figures on the internet.

Then 2014 came a new start of the Star Wars line. It has now again divided in two lines but the two were not equal. One line The Black Series (realistic line) was super articulated and the other line called the Saga Legends/Mission Series was 5 POINTS OF ARTICULATION, 5 ! Back at the Kenner time of the very first old vintage figures when the Original Trilogy was released and with pretty much very bad sculpt, a line exclusively centred for kids and with new vehicles that were TINY, like the size of a speeder bike! The price got a bit higher in the US trying to get the high prices of Europe. 2014 was not a good year, no it was not probably better than 2013 and 2012 but not good !

Well at least a part of it because the Saga Legends/Mission Series got divided in two – the realistic figures (from the movies and The Clone Wars) and the animated figures (from Star Wars Rebels), it began at the end of 2014. These 5 POA figures suddenly got better, a good sculpt, beautiful figures (only problem 5 POA, it is not enough but these figures were good). The US hit a new high price for figures as high as figures were in Europe back in 2013,2012 and before. However Europe got a reborn with the price, very low and good price allowing people get a smile when they saw prices. This started the new reborn of the star wars figures at Hasbro after the best, there was the worst and then comes the good (not the best but it was good again) then 2015 continued with more Saga Legends/Mission Series figures from rebels, the movies and The Clone Wars. That was definitely good. One problem it got a long time to hit stores but it eventually hit them. Another problem was the rebel line did not get a Sabine figure with a removable helmet, Sabine is one of the main characters and Hasbro did not release The Ghost in the big vehicle line, The Ghost the famous ship from the series. 2015 is not over yet and 2016 is coming bu so far, Hasbro got a good redemption and it looks good for getting rebels figure from season 2, more The Clone Wars figures and The Force Awakens figures. Hasbro is not in a bad position, it had its negative aspects but also good, it will never reach the best years again, it goes with no doubt but Hasbro can keep up the good work and gives us more good years of collecting Star Wars figures !


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