In January 2015 during the Sundance Film Festival created by Robert Redford, a Film Festival of Independent movies, George Lucas and Robert Redford were interviewed about the power of story. Both are important directors of the world of independent movies, Redford directed several movies and created this Sundance Festival and Lucas did Star Wars. For people who may not know Star Wars are independent movies, Lucas was out of the Hollywood system (and he has never been in this system), he self-produced all his movies, he did what he wanted to do, the way he wanted it and in this interview he explains it once again very well! George Lucas is the definition of independency, he owned every part of his story, he owned his movies and he made it the way he wanted it, he was his own boss and he did the things in his own terms.
This interview is a very interesting interview and even if it’s a 1 hour 25 minutes long interview it is a must-see, it’s worth watching it. Both Robert Redford and George Lucas give us in this video a lot of interesting material and lessons and things to think about. These two directors are people I deeply admire, with Clint Eastwood, they are my three favorite directors and these three people have something in common, they are independent filmmakers and for the three of them the story comes first in a movie and this, this element is truly essential to me. In today’s cinema, the story is often forgotten and CGI comes first just because Hollywood thinks it is cool to have a lot of special effects and this is what Lucas and Redford criticizes that the story needs to come first.
Star Wars is the perfect example of 6 movies where the CGI (special effects) SERVES the story and not the other way around, Lucas explains it very well in this interview.
So really watch this video, it is worth it, it’s a real treasure.
At the end of the video, Redford gives one of the best lesson there is to learn and not only for people who work in movies but for anyone :
”Pay attention, just pay attention to what’s around you. Pay attention and listen, that’s it.” – Robert Redford


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