This Star Wars novel is based on 8 unaired episodes from the award-winning series Star Wars The Clone Wars, the episodes were written by Katie Lucas, Matt Michnovetz, Dave Filoni. The name of the episodes are : Lethal Alliance, The Mission, Conspirators, Dark Disciple, Saving Vos Part I and II, Traitor, The Path. For information about the chronological order, the comics from Son of Dathomir take place in the middle of this arc, the cut is made at Dark Disciple, then there are the 4 episodes from the Son of Dathomir comics and then from Saving Vos Part I to The Path. The cuts corresponds to chapter 1 from chapter 21 and chapter 22 to chapter 42, at least it seemed so while reading it. This novel is written by Christie Golden. The novel is part of the official Star Wars canon, this is still a part of The Clone Wars series but in a written form.

So I want to start my review by saying thank you to Christie Golden for writing this novel, she did a brilliant job at writing it and she was able to find the likeness and style of The Clone Wars and she was able to put it on paper in the most amazing way. When I was reading the novel I could literally imagine in my mind the events going on in the animation style of the series because of the great amount of details given by the author and because it is written in the same style as the series and this point is important to notice as this is an adaptation of eight episodes from our beloved series.

The novel has a tone very close to Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ‘s tone – it is extremely dark and heartbreaking and this is established with the very opening scene. It opens with a massacre of unarmed civilians ordered by Count Dooku. This is actually the first time, we see Dooku gives such an order, before in the series and movies, Dooku did bad things but not that bad, the scene was clearly a genocide of the Mahran species – children and women everyone, the scene ends by telling us the last image a young Mahran girl saw before dying. This scene is totally unexpected and is hard to read, this shows how much Dooku is evil and also it gives the reason of why the events of the book will happen. This passage also demonstrates the point that civilians are often caught up in the war and are the biggest casualties, these people never asked for the war, they are not soldiers, they are civilians and yet they are slaughtered, defenseless, they are innocent. Dooku’s most recent action is the result of the Jedi Council decision to assassinate Count Dooku. This is a dark path, the path of the darkside, it echoes to Revenge of the Sith once again to when Mace Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi are ready to take the decision to arrest Palpatine and take command of the Republic for a limited time when the war ends if he does not give back his powers to the senate. Assassinate Dooku is the same type of dark path as what I just mentioned from ROTS in my previous sentence and with no surprise, Mace Windu and Ki-Adi Mundi are two of the jedi who suggest to do such an act. Though as in ROTS, Yoda is not so confident about doing this. Obi-Wan Kenobi is really against it, the only jedi truly against such an idea, this is not the way of the jedi but the choice is not letf in his hands. The adventure starts now – it is Quinlan Vos who is chosen for this mission to make an alliance with Asajj Ventress former Sith Aprentice, quite an unexpected alliance and this unexpected alliance really works!


Quinlan Vos was first seen in The Clone Wars S03E09 ‘Hunt For Ziro’ and his first scene in the novel is exactly the person we saw last time in the series. He is still this dashing, witty, strong and humorous man, the guy who we do not know how he made it as a jedi but he did. We meet him in an undercover mission in which he meets a seller who has antiquaries and Christie Golden gives us a good look at what it looks like with a lot of details. With this scene, we are introduced to a new jedi, Vos’ best friend – Desh a Mahran jedi (he was not with his species when the genocide happens hence why he survived) who has his importance in the book. Desh is the same kind of unorthodox jedi as his friend, people who do not stay long at the temple and who instead go to a lot of dangerous undercover missions. Quinlan and Obi-Wan Kenobi (who is Vos’ contact for this new mission) recall the events they faced on Nal Hutta during ‘Hunt For Ziro’ there is a funny scene between them, one of the few small light scenes this book contains. It gives a nice contrast to it, finding light in dark times. This funny scene is about mocking the jedi order’s code about attachment. Kenobi mentions he flirted with Ventress and he asks Quinlan to do the same to gain her trust and this is where they, mostly Quinlan, mocks the Jedi code as flirt could be seen as attachment. Kenobi is often featured in the first part of the book as he is Quinlan’s contact. As the mission evolves, we see scenes with Obi-Wan and Yoda who share their doubts about the mission, about going dark. I think they are the only two jedi who are not sure about this, the only two true jedi and in this way it echoes to other part of the saga including Episode V-VI – the fact that the two of them will reach the way to manifest themself after death, Yoda already started his training in the Lost Missions of the series.
Though, Quinlan’s mission is not that easy he is sent to get Ventress’ trust to help him to assassinate Dooku without her knowing he is a jedi and without her knowing she is helping the Jedi Order, quite a tricky situation and so this is how Quinlan’s quest begins by finding Ventress on Pantora.


One thing I have noticed is that Dark Disciple features a lot of planet like really a lot – Coruscant, Oba Diah, Christophsis, Mustafar, Serenno, Tatooine, Raxus, Dathomir, Vanqor, Pantora and I appreciate this a lot as it features one of my favorite planets in the Star Wars universe – Christophsis. Why ? Because I love that Christophsis is a planet made of crystal and it has this special hexagonal architecture that makes it a perfect fit with the crystal. It was first seen in The Clone Wars movie. I will come back later on my review about Christophsis because this planet is a special planet as one event of the novel takes place here and one essential event and I want to talk about this event at the end. I also love Raxus it is of an absolute beauty, the trees, the building it is a mix between American forests and old English fancy houses/buildings it is a bit like our own planet Earth, we first saw Raxus in S03E10 ‘Heroes on Both Sides’, it is the capital of the Separatist Alliance. For Raxus we learn that Raxullon is the capital city we visited in season 3 and we go to this same place in the novel but to other buildings. The fact that we go on all these planets in only one novel feels as a final goodbye to the galaxy for one of our long beloved characters at least this is how I felt after reading the book.
Speaking of planets, let’s talk a little bit about Pantora. This planet was seen briefly in one shot in S03E04 ‘Sphere of Influence’, the home of the Pantorans but the novel here is able to develop more about it and show us how the life is on Pantora. There are parks on the rooftops of the buildings, they have round/curved tower rooftops, they have buildings of several floors, a planet of a real beauty. It is the planet where everything begins.

Quinlan’s first approach to Ventress is not of the most successful at first as Ventress just like him is not the person to work with a partner so she is irritated that he wants to help her, she sees it as him stealing her bounty. Eventually she accepts to work with him for the mission, maybe a little bit because of Quinlan’s flirty tone but maybe not as she gives us a pretty nickname “The Idiot.” The bar scene on Pantora is the beginning of their relationship, it is the moment Ventress accepts to work with Quinlan but also maybe the moment when she starts to feel something for him and him for her. They are so similar in the way they are that they are the perfect team. And so this unexpected team builds their relationship little by little through the first part of the novel. It is really interesting how their relation evolves with their bounty hunter missions they do at first and we see them falling in love, the more they are together, the more they get attach to each other. I think that it is so unexpected and yet it feels like they are perfect for each because they are in fact very close from each other, the way they behave … and that’s what make their relation so beautiful and dark at the same time.


I want to take a look back at Ventress’ story, stories she shares with Quinlan later on. She started as a slave, taken away from her true home the nightsisters, she lost her master and find another master Ky-Narec a jedi and she became her padawan, she lost that master and with her anger she joined Count Dooku and became his Sith Aprentice this is how we first met her in The Clone Wars movie as a deadly villain. Her character evolved throughout the series and a big change happened when Dooku betrayed her, the moment when everything changed she then tried to murder Dooku twice but failed, she turned back to the nightsisters to embrace her origins but the nightsisters were massacred by General Grievous and then Ventress became a bounty hunter. All of this is mentioned throughout the novel sending us to watch episodes from The Clone Wars – S03E12 “Nightsisters, S03E13 ‘Monster’, S03E14 ‘Witches of the Mist’, S04E19 ‘Massacre’, S04E20 ‘Massacre’. It is not a happy story she had, she lost everything, everyone she once cared about. She started as a villain and went back to the light side, this is not an easy path but she did it and this is one of the reasons why her character is so interesting – her story. I really started to like her (not that I hated her before, not at all, I enjoyed her character, I loved her as a villain) in the way that I cared for what happened to her when she went back to her sister clan (the nightsister). The novel goes deeper in her story and gives us a new side of Ventress – a Ventress in love with someone (Quinlan) and what she is ready to do to save the one she loves.


When we meet Ventress in the novel, she has now her own ship called the Banshee, she was given this nickname by some bounty hunters but she eventually picked it for her own ship. It is a simple ship enough for two people again the description is good enough to imagine it in our minds. She is also physically different from the last time we saw her she now has hair, blond hair, and she owns a nightsister bow plus a yellow lightsaber, she lost her red lightsaber in S05E19 ‘To Catch a Jedi’. I think yellow suits her well for the bounty hunter that she is.

There is a very interesting and deep scene between Ventress and Quinlan that is worth mentioning. They both share a deep scene about what’s their story. Quinlan realizes he does not have one, it makes him wonder what is his purpose and Ventress knows that she has many stories but all of them ended badly, she knows it and it is interesting to keep this in mind for the rest of the novel, it foreshadows her fate, as if she already knew at this exact moment what her fate would be in a way it creates pity for her, she suffered a lot in her life and it does not end here, it keeps going on and eventually ends very badly for her as she sacrifices herself for the man she loves. At my first reading of the scene, I thought it was a deep scene, very profound but it is at my second reading that I saw the whole meaning of it and as it foreshadows the end, because when you first read the scene you do not know yet that Ventress is about to die.


We got to see Oba Diah and thus the Pykes syndicate. These events on Oba Diah and Mustafar (for the Black Sun) happen apparently before the comics from The Clone Wars series – Star Wars Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir and we discover that even if Pykes and Black Sun are part of the Shadow Collective, they are allies when they work with Maul but beyond that they are pretty much enemies. We see again a character from this comic – Fife and we discover the new leader of the Pykes as Lom Pyke died in S06E10 “The Lost One”, this new leader is called Marg Krim, it is him that the two bounty hunters have to help, they have to get his children and wife back who have been captured by the Black Sun and are now on Mustafar the Black Sun’s base. With this mission we are showed a new part of Mustafar, the part in which there are small towns more like villages. As we go to see the Black Sun, we see once again their leader Ziton Moj who survives but almost died. It is an action packed job but Vos gives out a clue to Ventress about who he really is, it is when he jumps, he does a jump of a jedi not of a non-Force-sensitive person. The mission is a success and the Krim’s family is safely brought back to Oba Diah. Though when Ventress and Quinlan leave the moon they see the Black Sun’s fleet attacking the Pykes’ moon, we know that Fife and Ziton Moj survive this as they are in Son of Dathomir.


It is after this mission that Quinlan reveals the truth to Ventress who already suspected about him being a jedi. This scene shows once again how much Quinlan cares about her and how deep their relationship went. One interesting fact is that Quinlan uses the same type of sentence Satine Kryze once used (S02E13 ‘Voyage of Temptation’ – I remember a time when jedi were not generals but peacekeepers.- Satine Kryze) they (the jedi) are jedi, peacekeepers not generals. Meaning that not only people outside the Order realizes this but also the jedi, they know they are not make for this war but are left with little choice but to become generals to protect the Republic. This scene marks the beginning of their relation taken to another level, a deeper level. Ventress truly opens up to him, they both go to Dathomir where she reveals him all her story – from the slave to the bounty hunter. Going back to Dathomir brings back the feelings from S04E19 ‘Massacre’ as there are still the bodies of the dead nightsisters on the ground of Dathomir. This is both an emotional moment for the reader to relive this part of Ventress’ story but also emotional for the characters themselves. We also learn a sad part of Quinlan’s past – the death of his former master named Tholme, he died at the beginning of the war, it was Ventress who executed him but she made him believe it was Dooku, it is part of her plan to bring Quinlan to the darkside but like her be able to control it as the nightsisters once did before being destroyed. This is how she thinks she can bring him to his full strength to kill Dooku. It is an interesting part and a dark one because we can feel that Quinlan is not strong enough for this and slowly drifts toward the darkside, when he is supposed to kill the Sleeper, an ancient creature from Dathomir who is part of the real trials of a true nightsister, he does not want it but does it forced by Ventress, it is when he really entered into the darkside. This scene as also the beauty of developing their romance, they share their first kiss and contrary to Anakin, Quinlan does not want to hide, he wants to leave the Jedi Order, he wants to be free from the Jedi to be able to love Ventress freely and not hide his feelings and live in secrecy.

Dooku’s assassination attempt happens on Raxus during a ceremony – he is here to receive the Raxian Humanitarian Award. Quite hypocritical of him to accept this award and hypocritical of the Raxian to give him this as he just ordered a genocide, he brings even more hate to the reader as he accepts this award and as the crowd applauds him but the crowd obviously is not aware of Dooku’s true acts of terror. Dooku is wearing his ceremony suit from S06E13 ‘Sacrifice’, General Grievous is also here as a good dog for Dooku. Ventress and Dooku share a scene together showing once more Dooku’s hypocrisy. He cannot kill Ventress in front of the crowd because he would not appear as the good guy so he murmurs to Ventress and at the same time he has to say hi to governor and other politicians present at the ceremony. This is also ironic as he received a humanitarian award and he is here already wanting to execute someone. Raxus is the place of action-packed fights. Quinlan fights Grievous for a short time to distract him and give him and Ventress time to fight Dooku. The fight against Dooku is breathtaking though it is a defeat, Vos is captured and Ventress has to fly away after fighting Grievous but is able to get Vos’ lightsaber. There is a reference to S05E16 ‘The Lawless’ when Dooku captures Quinlan he does not kill him he electrocutes him and says he has other plans for him in the same way Darth Sidious says he has over uses for him to Darth Maul while electrocuting him.

This is where there are the Son of Dathomir events happening and then it seems while reading that Saving Vos Part I is at the start of Ventress’ next stop – Tatooine. Here we learn more about Boba Fett, he has created a bounty hunter syndicated composed of – Highsinger, Bossk, Latts Razzi, Embo (and his animal Marrok). There was a Bounty Hunter arc planned for season 6 written by Matt Michnovetz in which Boba and Cad Bane worked together, in which Bane taught him the way of the bounty hunters, this arc is one of the unproduced arc but seeing what is going in the novel maybe it gives a hint at what happened to Cad Bane as he is not part of this syndicate though we do not have any confirmation if he is dead or alive. The scene on Tatooine with Ventress and the bounty hunter syndicate sends us back to S04E20 ‘Bounty’ as the characters mention Ventress’ first mission on Quartzsize and how she betrayed Boba but gave the payment to all the bounty hunters. Seeing them together again (Embo was not there during the first mission but he is part of the syndicate) is interesting and it continues the story ‘Bounty’ started with how Boba and Ventress relation evolves. He still does not trusts her but he is forced to work with her because Bossk and Latts know she is good at her job and mostly because she gives a lot of money for the mission. The bounty hunter aspect of the novel is an important part as it started as Quinlan and Ventress working as bounty hunters and we see again one of the most famous bounty hunters – Boba Fett. Thanks to the story reel clip showed during Star Wars Celebration 2015, we know Boba has a full mandalorian armor with him now. The Clone Wars always did a good job at showing us how bounty hunters worked and how they were in this war, what side they could be on. For example, Embo first worked with the jedi then with the Separatists and now against the Separatists. They do not have a clear alliegance as long as the money is there. So the next part of the novel is the bounty hunter syndicate with Ventress going on Serenno. Interesting fact, Embo has his ship the Guillotine, which was supposed to be featured in S06E05 ‘An Old Friend’ and Boba got his Slave I back so it means Hondo Ohnaka gave it back to him at some point before these events.

This part on Serenno gives us an heartbreaking scene between Ventress and Quinlan. Quinlan has learned the truth about who really killed Master Tholme and this pushed him to the darkside to the point where he wants to kill Ventress and tries to. It is heartbreaking because Ventress tries to bring back to the light, she tells him how much she loves him, how much she cares about him, she opens up to him but Vos is gone he is now on Dooku’s side and it is really hard for Ventress to accept it and for the reader too. I loved their team since the beginning and now that their alliance is over, it is sad and leaves a void in Ventress character – sorrow. She has to escape, she cannot stay there and Boba could have left her on Serenno but he took her to his ship, it shows his human side that he makes his tough guy and appears to not really like her but he cares (in a friendly way) enough about her to save her. This novel shows us also that Dooku is not all powerful, the bounty hunter syndicate had managed to capture Dooku while Ventress had her heartbreaking scene.

One unexpected event is Ventress going to the Jedi Temple. I would have never thought this could happen the first time I saw her character in The Clone Wars movie but her character’s development made her take this path. She shows once again how much she has changed and how much Quinlan changed her because she goes there to find help to save him from the darkside. Not surprising, Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi are ready to use their lightsaber when they see her, more surprisingly Shaak Ti is ready to, her who was more peaceful but Ventress was not so long ago a Sith Apprentice so it is understandable. Anakin is obviously not happy too. Though, Yoda and Obi-Wan are the two not to be on alert. There is a clear distinction everytime throughout the novel between Obi-Wan, Yoda and the other jedi, the others going to a dark and dangerous path while Obi-Wan tries to stay on the light. Admiral Yularen makes a small appearance to tell the characters when Quinlan is located. A thing to mention is that Quinlan became ‘Admiral Enigma’. Vos’ rescue team is Ventress , Obi-Wan and Anakin. Anakin and Obi-Wan still share their humorous way of working, the way two brothers would do, Christie Golden captured that very really. Who say rescue should also tell you a new duel is coming and this one echoes to ROTS. In ROTS, Obi-Wan says to Anakin about fighting Dooku “this time we take him together”, this refers to the Dark Disciple. Indeed, this time Anakin does face Count Dooku alone while Obi-Wan searches where Quinlan is. When Vos is found, Ventress senses that he is not back to himself as he pretends but no one believes her though she is right, she is totally right and this leads to some dangerous events because no one trusts her for this. Ventress is granted full pardon from the Jedi Council for all her crimes, it is a beautiful reward but not enough and not useful because she is not free from them, she is not because she still has to truly save Quinlan from darkside.

Padmé Amidala gets one seen in the novel – a romantic scene with Anakin at her apartment. In which Anakin behaves in an hypocritical way as he criticizes Ventress and Vos of being together and disrespecting the jedi code whereas he is doing the same by being married with Padmé but he pretends that Vos and Ventress do not love each other whereas they do as much as he loves Padmé. It is a bit disappointing to see that the person who could have understand the situation does not because he is still angry, not happy about Ventress being on the good side. But that is part of Anakin’s character, that is the person he is. I think somehow he is jealous that Ventress can expose her relation without having to suffer the consequences of it in front of the Council whereas Anakin would have.

From now on in the novel, we really go back to the war side of The Clone Wars. Desh, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Quinlan are send on an asteroid base and a listening outpost (the outpost being on Vanqor here bringing back memories from S01E11 ‘Dooku Captured’ to Anakin and Obi-Wan) and each time, it is a failure – the asteroid explodes and the listening post is empty. It is when Obi-Wan and Yoda get suspicions about a leak not Vos but a leak. Ventress was in love and knew right about Quinlan and nobody listenend, so she believed he was back to normal and went back with him. The irony of the situation, she wanted to stop him but the jedi did not let her and now they want to stop him. Mace Windu has the right feeling he knows it is Quinlan Vos though a bit late as he should have listened to Ventress right away. Mace Windu is really dark in this novel much more than in ROTS. In ROTS, he wants to execute Palpatine for the safety of the Republic and he is right, Palpatine is too dangerous to be left alive but in Dark Disciple he goes to much radical actions. He is ready to accept the execution of Quinlan Vos because this jedi is a traitor and is the first one mentioning the assassination attempt on Dooku. Quinlan Vos is considered as much a traitor as Krell (Umbara season 4 arc) and Barriss Offee (Ahsoka season 5 Final arc) by the way the two are mentioned. I love the character of Mace Windu but here I cannot say I agree with his actions, he goes too dark in it, it shows how much the war transformed the jedi, they are not meant to be generals but yet they have no choice they have to take these roles and it hurts them as it brings them to a dark path and Mace Windu is this perfect example of it.

Going back just for a little time to the war missions – Captin Rex and Commander Cody along with Jesse are featured in the novel also Obi-Wan’s Venator cruiser The Vigilance. This novel features so much characters as much as the planets, it is like we were seeing everything back from the beginning of the show (though our beloved Ahsoka Tano is not present), bringing all the memories from the beginning to the lost missions and it is wonderful, I love this aspect of the story.

How to get the real proof of Quinlan’s betrayal is once again going on a dark path – sending him finish his mission to kill Dooku, he uses Ventress’ help to bring him to Dooku’s cruiser. Anakin and Obi-Wan uses reprogram battle droids and a stolen shuttle to get to the cruiser this echoes to The Citadel arc written by Matt Michnovetz. I love how much Dark Disciple sends us back to previous episodes from The Clone Wars, it keeps our memories alive.

The last part of the novel is the most heartbreaking part and everything goes really fast that we do not have time to breathe, it is breathtaking ! Quinlan wants to meet Darth Sidious and Dooku decides to take him to him though they are captured by Anakin and Obi-Wan (they are captured on the observation desk of a dreadnought cruiser, the first time we see this part of the cruiser in the series, we first saw it in ROTS) and send on The Vigilance. The two Sith do a lot of killing to escape the cruiser. Desh is killed by Quinlan, this scene is very emotional. Desh is forced to fight his best friend because he knows he has to stop him and he fails, he dies and his best friends does not only kill him but kills him of cold blood, Bayons the first Chagrian jedi introduced in the official Star Wars canon also dies. Ventress is the one to get Vos and Dooku out of the cruiser at her huge surprise she sees Dooku with Quinlan, I think that she starts to realize she was right now that she was right but she does not want to believe it so she is distrustful but believes Vos though in her heart I think she already knows. Now I can finally talk about Christophsis again, it is the revenge battle, Grievous is mentioned to be somewhere on Christophsis trying to retake the planet. The Banshee crashes on Christophsis after being shot by the jedi cruiser. It is interesting to notice that Anakin follows Windu’s orders and wants Dooku and Quinlan DEAD whereas in ROTS he does not follow Windu’s orders and wants Palpatine ALIVE, how the situation has changed from the novel to ROTS. Anakin has nothing to learn from Dooku but from Palpatine well, he manipulated Anakin to make him believe he needed him. Anakin is able to learn orders when that suits him and disobey when that suits him too. Kenobi is still the only one who wants them alive, the only one showing mercy. We get to see a little battle on Christophsis with tanks (AT-TE) and clones including Boil attacking a Separatist base in which Dooku, Quinlan, Ventress are.

The crash of the Banshee really marks the beginning of the end, it marks the end of Ventress, a part of her dies with her ship, it is her life of bounty hunter that ends and her end it is. In the debris of the tower, Dooku is badly injured almost died but survived (yes, he was that close to die but survive, what could have happened if had died on Christophsis? ). Instead it is Ventress who dies, she brings Vos to the light side by attacking him and dies in the hands of Dooku’s Force-Lightning sacrificing herself for Vos who was the one who was supposed to take the lightning. Dooku escapes and Kenobi and Anakin arrive on the place it is where they and us the reader witness Ventress’ final goodbye to Vos, she tells him that she loves him before dying and I will not lie, I cried during this passage, I never expected Ventress to die after all she lived, all the sad-ending stories she lived, I thought she would have a somehow happy ending but she does not, her story is a real tragedy. I think it is the most heartbreaking death from The Clone Wars even more dramatic than Satine’s death (who is one of my favorite character!). Satine’s died in front of Obi-Wan’s eyes as Ventress dies in front of Quinlan’s eyes but here Ventress enacts the ultimate sacrifice to save the man she loves, this is the additional dramatic element that made it even more heartbreaking. The emotions from this scene are powerful. I was not expecting this but maybe this is the best way for Ventress to end, to be truly free, to be free from her past, and to let Quinlan go back to the way he was before. When I read the line Ventress was gone, my jaw dropped on the floor and I said to myself : “No, no, no, no, no, nooooooooooooooo (the no in a Darth Vader voice from ROTS), this can’t be, it’s not possible, why?” I should have though first that Ventress realizing her stories ending badly was foreshadowing what was going to happen to her but I only realized it too late, I was not prepared to all these feelings. So this points out another great point from this novel: what happens is totally unexpected and always kept me on the edge of my seat. This is why I said Christophsis was an important place this is where Ventress dies where her story ends. The novel does not end here, there are two more scenes, Kenobi’s speech at the council on which I want to talk about. It is a beautiful speech, he pays the most beautiful tribute to their fallen ally, as he said she died as a true friend of the jedi and this is one last wonderful gift to Ventress, a true friend of the jedi, this is what she was in her last moment, in this last story of Ventress, this last story that ended badly for her but brought back to the light her true love, it was HER who saved Vos, it was HER LOVE for Quinlan who saved him, it was HER who was able to bring back the Vos the jedi knew, it was HER who sacrificed herself, it was HER, not the jedi, the jedi only lost themselves on a dark road and decided to start a mission to MURDER Count Dooku, sent Ventress to death, sent Quinlan to the darkside, they lost themselves, they lost their true purpose, their true goal – to be jedi, to be peacekeepers, to help people not to send them to death, to value life other death, to deal in the light not in absolutes. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s speech acknowledges this horrible truth, this dark truth of the jedi and this is why this speech is so powerful, poignant. Dark Disciple foreshadows what is happening to the jedi that they are loosing their way, this is what the final season 5 Ahsoka arc also did by showing the Council abandoning Ahsoka and then asking her back too late. The last scene is not of all happiness, it is also a sad scene, Obi-Wan and Quinlan bring back Ventress’ body on Dathomir, Vos puts her body in the dark waters from which Ventress reborned from Sith to Nightsister in S04E19 ‘Massacre’ and her body disappears in the waters to transform herself in green Dathomiri magicks lights joining her sisters. She is with her sisters, she is home, she is where she belongs, her nightmares are over, she is now in peace and she is a character from the Star Wars universe that will always be beloved, that will always be remembered. She was, She is such an amazing character who got one of the best development.
Thank you Christie Golden, Matt Michnovetz, Katie Lucas, Dave Filoni and George Lucas, thank for this story, for this beautiful and dramatic story, for this powerful and heartbreaking story, for this touching story, thank you.
Without any doubt, the best Star Wars novel that was ever written, it truly was a mind-blowing story !





15 thoughts on “[Review] Star Wars Dark Disciple

      1. I’ve heard though that he was a sith apprentice to Dooku, before coming back to the light side he also wanted to be Sidious apprentice. also how do we know his coming to the light side isn’t a ruse ? maybe that was just a trick he played.


    1. yes boba and his syndicate capture Dooku while Ventress tries to free Quinlan on Serenno but it fails and Quinlan comes with droids so Boba, Ventress and the syndicate have no choice but to retreat so they have to leave and Dooku gets free.


      1. thanks never knew boba was so powerful but i always found him cool.EVERY BOBA FANS WILL JUMP OUT OF JOY IF THEY KNEW THIS.it still would be better if the book was still the unfinished arc of star wars the clone wars that got finished.


  1. ok. i plan on getting the book. but just to clarify, Quinlan does become Dooku’s sith apprentice and sith lord? btw Quinlan can always change his mind, esp after order 66 😉 i hope to see vos in rebels taking on vader and sidious 😉


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