[Hasbro] The Force Awakens Overpricing Products in France Too

Last week, the Daily Mail had published an article about the price difference between US and UK showing that British pay 50% more for Star Wars toys than in US, well it is pretty much the same situation in France.

I made a list of the products with their price differences :
Basic Figure Build-A-Weapon : 12,99€ in France (= 14,48$) while in the US it costs 7,99$
First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter : 49,99€ in France (= 55,74$) while the same vehicle costs 39,99$ in the US!
Poe Dameron’s X-Wing : in France the X-Wing costs 59,99€ ( = 66,88$), this is not a big vehicle and yet it’s quite expansive and in the US it only costs 49,99$ that’s quite a difference!
Deluxe Class I Vehicles : 39,99€ (= 44,58$) for a speeder in France while in the US it is just 24,99$ !
Class I Vehicles : 29,99€ (= 33,43$) in France for a small vehicle while in the US it is only 19,99$ !
Class II Vehicles : 39,99€ (= 44,58$) for a bigger speeder while only 29,99$ in the US!

As you can see the price difference is quite big on some products like the X-Wing with 16,89$ of difference. The question now is why is there is such a big difference? These are the same figures, the same vehicles and yet Europe stores sell them at a higher price which is outrageous!


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