[Hasbro] Review: Rey’s Speeder with Rey (Jakku)

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This set contains Rey’s Speeder with a missle, a 5 points of articulation Rey (Jakku) figure with Rey’s staff. When I first picked up this one in store, I was a bit afraid, Rey wouldn’t be able to sit properly on the speeder as she was only a 5POA figure but it turned at she can perfectly fit on her speeder. The figure itself has a good and detailed sculpt, in what we saw from the movie Rey also wears this kind of hood but her mouth is not covered unlike the figure, I think Hasbro probably did that because it was more simple for them to do the figure this way, if you want to see Rey’s face completely, you need to buy the Rey figure from the Snow Assortment (ref: B3965). Her staff can fit in her hands and you can attach it on her speeder above the net. Concerning the net can be remove if you want, it let show you the stuff attached to the speeder, it’s some mechanical parts. The button to reveal the hidden part where the missile is hidden and click a second time to shoot it, this little gadget is useless for collectors but useful for kids who play with toys. The button in the middle of the net is actually the only “bad” point of this speeder as it could have been more aesthetic to put this button at a place where it would have not bother collectors. Apart from this only “problem”, the vehicle is a good speeder and is a loyal representation of Rey’s speeder from The Force Awakens. It’s the good colors put on the right places and about the right size comparing to the figure. You can even move the part at the back, I don’t know it could be call maybe “ailerons”? Anyway you can move them in a close or open position. So my advice is if you like the 5POA figures, this is a must-have speeder.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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