Why I Believe in JJ Abrams for The Force Awakens

Before starting to talk about why I believe in JJ Abrams for The Force Awakens there are two important things, I’d like to talk about. It is undeniable that there have been some tensions recently in the Star Wars fandom when it came to the promotion of the newest Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. Indeed, there has been some subtle little phrases and the way the movie was promoted that hurt the Prequels fans including me who loves both the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy equally. One of the biggest offence to the fans was that JJ Abrams hired Simon Pegg in the movie (he helped for the story according to JJ), the actor is known to be a very vocal prequels hater inventing all the weirdest and craziest reasons to pretend the Prequels were the most terrible movies, and also what he said on Lucas was totally stupid.  When JJ Abrams came to the SDCC promoting The Force Awakens he shared with the audience a behind the scene look of the movie, only talking about practical effects, how much the movie used practical effects and how it wanted to feel real. Us, the Prequels fans felt like it was a subtle attack on the Prequel trilogy and the Star Wars fans, the PT haters theory of everything was CGI in the PT is well known and is well known to be totally false, as a matter of fact the Prequel Trilogy used more practical effects than the Original Trilogy (they also used CGI too just like in the OT). Few days, after that an hashtag was created #ThePrequelTrilogyAlreadyDidThat in response to that video. We can also add Lawrence Kasdan declaring in an interview that he refused to write the Prequels because he did not feel a connection with it, the man who is writing The Force Awakens and who co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. So the Star Wars fans have been pretty much hurt lately by some things JJ and his crew said/did hence creating tensions in the fandom. We can also add the attacks of Gary Whitta (worked on Rogue One) on the Prequels too and Chuck Wendig (writer of Star Wars Aftermath) and his tweet attacking the Prequel fans (we all remember that picture he posted saying if you’re a prequel fan you should jump off a bridge, suicide is actually a serious matter joking with it was not funny at all)


However, there are a few things to remember that will reassure us. The Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I, II, III) along with The Clone Wars (series + movie) and the Original Trilogy (Episodes IV,V,VI) are CANON “These stories are the immovable objects of Star Wars history, the characters and events to which all other tales must align.” This line is what Lucasfilm declared about them on April 25th in 2014. The Prequels are THE IMMOVABLE OBJECTS OF STAR WARS HISTORY, IMMOVABLE so remember this. Whoever Prequels hater is writing a star wars novel or directing or writing a star wars movie, they cannot change the story, they cannot erase our beloved saga, their stories MUST align to the 6 movies and The Clone Wars. So we should not worry about their attacks anymore because they can hate the prequels how much they want, they will never change these stories, they’re canon and they’re part of the Star Wars history and it will always be like this. I think the best to do when there’s this kind of Prequels hate is to ignore these comments, it has been proved that the haters are just a minority but trolls are more vocal, that’s why, the haters don’t need to be notice because the more you notice them, the more they’ll troll.

So now that I talked about these two important things, let’s move why I’m writing this post “Why I believe in JJ Abrams for The Force Awakens.” I’ve been a big fan of JJ since 2004 (the tv show Lost) and I’m still a fan of him. He’s someone I admire and respect a lot, to me he is a genius, he is one of the creators of  two of my top 3 favorite series LOST and FRINGE (the third series being Glee created by Ryan Murphy, Brennan and Falchuk). These two scifi series are masterpieces on every level and JJ is one of the creators of these series, he participated in them and even if he did not participate at a creative level for every seasons of Lost, he was still executive producer and made sure the series was in good hands with Damon Lindelof (the second creator of the series) and Carlton Cuse. He wrote some episodes of Fringe too. I want to say thank you to JJ for doing these series, they were highly creative and always entertaining pushing limits of television. He’s also the executive producer of a lot of amazing TV series including Person of Interest, Almost Human, Believe in which is more or less involved depending his schedule. JJ Abrams is well known in the TV world. I also admire him for his work in the movie industry – Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Mission Impossible III and Super 8 (he wrote the last two.) I loved all his movies and his series, I’ve never been disappointed by his work. I think he proved more than once how talented and creative he was. Thus, for me he was the perfect candidate to direct Star Wars The Force Awakens, someone who does such a brilliant work in science fiction is definitely a good candidate to direct and write a Star Wars movie! Furthermore, I believe he won’t disappoint me for this new movie and I’m sure he will surprise me once again and come up with a very creative and interesting story.

I believe in you JJ Abrams, may the Force be with you and I’ll be waiting in front of the cinema to see The Force Awakens on its opening day.


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