The box is not the best one to open but it is fine, it contains two blu-ray discs with the 15 episodes of the first season (including Spark of Rebellion and the Shorts) and some bonuses.

Languages : English, French, Spanish

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Region Free

The video and the audio 5/5

Watching the series on blu-ray is definitely visually better than when it aired on TV, it’s more impressive and beautiful mostly when it comes to the sets like the different places on Lothal or also on Garei (seen in ‘Droids in Distress’). I’ll talk about the animation in a more detailed way in the ‘Content’ part.

The audio is also cinema quality in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Content 4.5/5

For the content you can check my thoughts of season 1 here.

Bonus 3/5

The bonuses that is the big weakness of this blu-ray set. The days when we’d got a lot of additional concept arts, deleted scenes, turntable characters, story reel clips, how they designed the episodes are gone, Warner Bros did that for The Clone Wars Blu-Rays but it seems Disney has decided to go on another way which is disappointing, these bonuses were very interesting. Instead, we get bonuses that are less interesting but still enjoyable. The most interesting bonus here is the Look Ahead to Season 2 giving us a better idea of what is to come in the upcoming season!

Overall 4/5

Despite the bonuses, this is a great box and it’s definitely a pleasure to watch season 1 on blu-ray quality, a must-have for your Star Wars collection to stand next to your Star Wars The Clone Wars blu-ray and movies.


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