Hebergeur d'image

Final review of the day: SARCO PLANK! A character from Jakku, he is part of the 2nd Desert wave assortment. He has his rifle and a part of a Build-A-Weapon. This BAW is actually interesting it’s a cannon but there is a huge problem. If you want the BAW to be complete you need to buy a useless repack of Kanan which most of people already have and another repack of Ezra who this time has his lightsaber so unfortunately I won’t be completing this BAW, thanks Hasbro! Concerning, Sarco Plank, it’s a good initiative from Hasbro to give us more aliens from the new Star Wars movie, I always like to have side characters figures too to put in my dioramas. This one is in the style of a desert character and fits well in the middle of other aliens from Star Wars. He is a 4POA figure, his head cannot move, he is wearing a mask to breathe so that’s why, figures like this one, it’s not really a problem if there’s not that much articulated, they are to remain in the background, not in action. I like his design, this red suit with a mask make him look like mysterious. A good figure!

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

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