The Star Wars Prequels (Episode I-II-III) are often attacked by ubertrolls who have nothing to do but spread hate on this part of the Star Wars saga and it is in “popular belief” that the PT are the worse and no one loves them for numerous reasons, well it is not true, many, many people love the Prequels trilogy and we are going to talk about it in this article. Those PT haters are building their arguments on pure lies. One of the examples of their reasons why the PT are horribles : “It’s all CGI.” Well, that’s all lies. EVERY Star Wars movie is a mix of what we call Practical Effects (miniature sets, sets that are built, vehicles built …) and special effects also known as CGI. You can see some of the Prequels set pics on the official Star Wars website and oh there are REAL sets, REAL actors and the truth is that more Practical Effects have been used on the Prequels than on all the First trilogy (or as some call it the Original Trilogy, I will come later to why I think the title Original Trilogy does not sound correct to use) combined! Another important element is that the CGI from the PT have crossed boundaries in the history of CGI and made things that were not possible before as George Lucas explained it so many times the technology is at the service of the story not the other way around and in EVERY Star Wars movie, all the six from the two trilogies the special effects were here to SERVE the story not the other way around, the story has ALWAYS been the most important thing for George Lucas. He had said it again during the recent Festival of Sundance when he was invited by Robert Redford at a panel where the two talked about ‘The Power of Story.’ The legend of cinema Robert Redford wouldn’t have invited Lucas if in Lucas movies the technology came before the story, he invited him because for Lucas the story always comes first. The technology is here to help the story, Lucas showed examples of it during this panel interview: for the story he needed Yoda to fight, in ESB he’s said to be a great warrior, he needed to show that and well technology helped him to achieve this, make this puppet move. One more thing about ‘The Power of Story’, to all the PT haters who pretend Lucas is Mr. Hollywood or other things, Redford called Lucas “the best example of independency in cinema”, let remind the haters that Lucas did his movies all by himself and even The Clone Wars, he owned every single aspects of it, he was really the mast of independence in cinema.

Let’s take a look at the performance at the box office for the Prequels, $1,027 billion for Episode I The Phantom Menace, $649,4 million for Episode II Attack of the Clones, $848,8 million for Episode III Revenge of the Sith, if people really hated these movies why did they work so well eh? It’s because these movies are loved by millions of fans all over the world. Another interesting element to notice is that ‘The Duel of Fates’ the piece of soundtrack during the Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul duel is the most downloaded Star Wars soundtrack, well here’s another proof the Star Wars Prequels are loved. If you talk about some bad reviews the Prequels received, you should take a look at the reviews from the First Trilogy (/Original Trilogy), it had exactly the same kind of reviews. There is also a quote from Ahmed Best (the man behind Jar Jar Binks in the Prequels and The Clone Wars) who really shows the love there is for these movies: “People don’t realize that as much negativity as there was, there was maybe ten times as much positive feedback that I got personally. People tend to focus on what’s negative, and of course the news media thrives off of it. That’s how their businesses are perpetuated, by negative energy. That’s pretty much all you heard. But for every negative letter, there were maybe ten thousand positive letters.”

What we need to know about these Prequels haters is that they are not Star Wars fans but they are trolls, I think Kevin Smith as a great definition for them “men and women who marched into the prequels demanding that Lucas recapture their lost Star Wars youth for them – that simple time in their lives when they had the excuse of prepubescence to explain why they were still virgins. With that much investment in make-believe, it’s little wonder they emerged as more twisted by the darkside than young Skywalker himself.” It’s a long definition but pretty accurate. Let’s not forget that trolls are a little minority but take the most important part of internet and let just a little space for normal people to talk and people who love Star Wars, the six movies do not have time to spread hate on something but they prefer to talk about the things they love. Spreading hate is just useless, it’s mean just for the sake of it, when you don’t like something don’t talk about it but talk about the things you love. The one thing to do about Prequel Haters is to forget about them, they don’t mean anything, they are nothing, entering in their games is not the solution, the more you talk about a troll, the more he’ll troll so if you ignore the troll, it’ll be a lot more easier.

The Clone Wars has also been trolled a lot like Episode I-II-III by the same kind of people because of the same reasons, plus the fact it was animation, for them animation = kid. Well, let’s not forget that Star Wars has been created for kids, the Originals, the Prequels, The Clone Wars George Lucas made them for kids and it touched the entire family, that’s just something to keep in mind. Another group that attacked The Clone Wars was a part of the Expanded Universe (EU) fans pretending TCW dismissed the stories from the EU, here again, they need to remember that TCW is and has always been canon while EU was always EU and has always been treated as not part of the Geoge Lucas canon so The Clone Wars never dismissed any stories and it never had any problems of continuity, it told the story between Episode II-III, that’s as simple as that.

I mentioned earlier that I didn’t think the title Orginal Trilogy was the correct one to use, neither the term Prequels trilogy. I’m going to tell you why. Here’s a quote from George Lucas: “It’s one movie and it’s meant to be seen I through VI” and that’s exactly why I don’t like the terms Original and Prequels. It’s ONE movie, ONE story only, it’s just made of several parts which in the end make this one movie and it includes Star Wars Episode I-II-The Clone Wars (TV+Movie)-III-Star Wars Rebels-IV-V-VI (+ the new comics and the new novels and soon Episode VII …). So Original, Prequel, Sequel are not the right terms to designate those parts of this same story, it should be more appropriate to call them the Republic Era (I-II-The Clone Wars-III), the Empire Era (Star Wars Rebels-IV-V-VI), the New Republic Era (Episode VII-VIII-IX), it would be a lot better as these names would regroup the parts into Eras. However, I think the terms Originals, Prequels (and soon Sequels) will remain in the minds of people for a long time to come.

To come back to this notion that the Star Wars saga is only ONE movie, you can see watching Episode I-II-The Clone Wars-III-Rebels-IV-V-VI that EVERYTHING is connected. It’s all part of the same story. To quote McDiarmid “If you wanted a subtitle for these movies, it could be ‘Fathers and Sons'” and he’s right with I-II-III we have Anakin the father and with IV-V-VI we have the son Luke and also the father who is Darth Vader and we see his story of redemption, to quote Lucas “The story is really about the villain trying to regain his humanity becomes really the story of Darth Vader’s redemption.” We also have the Republic that then turns into the Empire, how Anakin became Vader, Vader at the end of Episode VI killing Palpatine and dying accomplishes the Prophecy that we were told in Episode I, we see he is the Chosen One and all other big connections between all the Episodes. These are the most obvious connections, the biggest (some examples of the biggest connections) but there are also deeper connections like with The Clone Wars for example in the Yoda arc from The Lost Missions, we understand why Yoda is on Dagobah in Episode V-VI and we understand how at the end of Episode VI he ends up being a Force Ghost Spirit along with Obi-Wan (and Anakin but for Anakin he is the Chosen One so it is different.) I could go on with a number of infinite connections between each parts of the story making only one thing that cannot be separated., Prequels & Originals (to call them this way) are NOT separable. When you read a book, you don’t read half a book, when you watch a movie you don’t watch half of it, it’s the same here. You can’t fully understand the story if you only watch a part of it. The six parts of this story are all brilliantly written, brilliantly acted by a hugely talented cast and all are visually mind-blowing so let’s spread love of our beloved saga!


3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Prequels Are Beloved By The Fans

  1. Wow, my respect for Robert Redford just jumped up to the water canals of Mars! I have to confess though, that to me now, anything that’s made after Lucas sold Lucasfilm isn’t canon. If Lucas wasn’t involved, directly or indirectly, then I’m not interested. The difference between me and the haters is that I’m not going to spend the rest of my adulthood complaining about it. I’m happy with what came before and there a lot of it to keep me preoccupied till the end of time.


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