Yesterday night, Star Wars Rebels came back on Disney X.D. with the episode ‘The Lost Commanders’ written by Matt Michnovetz (writer of Star Wars The Clone Wars), this episode is part of a 2-episode arc centered on the clones.

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The opening of the episode seemed to be not long after ‘The Siege of Lothal’ as we encountered our Ghost Crew with Commander Sato’s rebel cell thinking about finding a base for their operations. We got Ahsoka mentioning a possible ally and it was up to the Ghost crew to find them going to a new mission. This episode contained a lot of elements from The Clone Wars and we got to see a Tactical droid head with Ahsoka nicely mentioning her adventures during the war with Anakin. There was an interesting scene where Ahsoka before letting the crew leave told Kanan to trust her ally which Kanan didn’t understand at the beginning and well realized later why because the people they went to see were clones, the clones who betrayed him and the rest of the jedi during the end of the clone wars. It was with no surprise to notice Kanan didn’t trust the clones and we understood why, what happened when he was a padawan left a scar and it was normal for him not to trust the clones while Ezra on the other hand didn’t see their betrayals so he saw them with a new eye, he saw them as an old bunch of nice people. There was a very powerful scene in which Kanan tells his story to Ezra and Freddie Prinze Jr. delivered a wonderful performance for that and Captain Rex interrupted the scene by telling he removed his chip, telling Kanan he didn’t execute Order 66. Us, Clone Wars fans obviously noticed it that Rex and his friends had removed their chips as they had a scar on their heads and as the story of the chip was introduced in The Clone Wars.

So as stated at the beginning, this episode was centered on the clones who were the allies Ahsoka mentioned – Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Gregor, all seen from The Clone Wars, so as you can expect there was a lot of TCW feels, like a lot! Seeing these three clones again was just incredibly fantastic! Rex was and still is one of my favorite clones and seeing him in the Empire era a long time after Order 66, it was just so great to know that he was still alive and still out there in the galaxy. As we learned in The Clone Wars, the clones had an inhibitor chip in their head that forced them to execute Order 66 and well Rex, Gregor and Wolffe never executed this Order as they removed their chips so we found here a connection to the Order 66 arc from The Clone Wars in which Fives told him about this chip so we can see that Rex followed Fives’s advice. (a little bit of information: the stormtroopers are not clones, at the end of the clone wars, the clones were decommissioned from the army.) Almost twenty years have past since the end of the clone wars so these clones have changed a lot, they were different physically than the last time we saw them. In ‘The Lost Commanders’, they were old guys, fatter, grey hair and grey beards, they’ve changed a lot physically and for Gregor, he also changed mentally. The last time we saw Gregor was in ‘Missing In Action (The Clone Wars S05E12) in which he saved Meebur Gascon and his crew of droids and we never learned his fate so it was nice to see him alive though, we could suspect that his battle on Abafar made him lost his mind a little, the Gregor we saw in this rebels episode was an old crazy funny man which gave a good humorous tone to the episode. I really loved what Dee Bradley Baker did with Gregor’s voice accentuating the little craziness of this clone in his performance. Hearing Dee voicing the clones again was just brilliant!

Concerning Commander Wolffe, he was pretty much the same in his behavior, the same distrustful clone he was in TCW thus it didn’t come with quite a shock that he was the “traitor”, the one who alerted the Empire of the Ghost Crew being there but also the one who did not transmit Ahsoka’s message to Rex. It was something that I thought Wolffe could totally do and it was right in his character, he did it for reasons -to protect his group of clones that he didn’t want to loose. In The Clone Wars during the Malevolence arc, he lost all his troops except Sinker and Boost so I understood why he did what he did in ‘The Lost Commanders’ it was selfish but understandable. The war was hard on him so it was normal for him not want to loose his brothers, not again so he preferred to give up the Ghost crew’s location. At the end of the episode he was sorry of his act because he realized his act was selfish and that what he had provoked by telling the Empire – the episode ended with ‘To Be Continued’ just after they found and killed the Imperial probe which meant next episode we are going to be treated with a good clones vs. Empire fight!

It was interesting to see the clones’ lives now, they lived in an old AT-TE that they customized, they lived a tranquil life and so I really loved the hunt of the Joopa scene because first it showed what kind of lives they were in, their daily activities and secondly it showed the potential of clones and Ghost Crew working together again as this team really worked well especially with Sabine and Ezra, even Zeb ended up liking it though he was used as a bait.

The Clone Wars feels were not just present with the clones but also with one particular scene that I loved in which Kanan contacted Hera and she talked about her being saved by the clones and in the background we heared Numa/Ryloth’s theme from The Clone Wars which was so beautiful to hear and fitted so much with the scene!

I also noticed an interesting thing, Kallus got a promotion, he had a new collar and a new rank, however we had no idea what kind of promotion he received as they didn’t see his new rank but I thought it was just nice to report that there was a change in his character.

Hebergeur d'image

This episode also marked the first time we saw Sabine in her new armor and with her new dyed hair. I really loved her armor so much better than season one. This season, Sabine got a red/orange armor which was an improvement from last season as this one fitted her better, the colors were more in the style of a rebel armor than pink and it suited better with her early rebel symbol that we were introduced to in season 1. Her hair too gave her a new look blue/green was cool.

Hebergeur d'image

Finally, to come back the clone wars feels, this episode gave us a hint at one of the untold stories from The Clone Wars – ‘The Siege of Mandalore’, this arc was also written by Matt Michnovetz and was supposed to be the series finale of TCW. We already heard about this arc when Filoni revealed in 2014 some of his sketches where Bo-Katan was working with Ahsoka and a sketch of Darth Maul so now we learned that Captain Rex was part of this siege, I really hope that this story will be told somehow soon, the fans deserves it but also the people behind the series, they worked hard for it, they deserved their stories to be released, these stories are canon as Pablo Hidalgo said so it would be important to release them in different mediums (comics would be nice).

My grade for the episode: 10/10
This episode was amazing, the clones return couldn’t be more awesome and choosing Matt Michnovetz to write this episode was the best decision, Matt knows how to write brilliant clones stories, I’m thinking about the Umbara arc in The Clone Wars. So having him to bring back the clones was great, he really knows how to write them and where to hit with the feels. This episode hinted at big stuff coming up in season 2 of Star Wars Rebels so I can say that I’m looking forward to see the next episode!


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