Few weeks ago, we found out that a blue X-Wing from the resistance would be released too (with a Poe Dameron figure once again) and we had a little picture of it thanks to Rebelscum, we have found bigger pictures of the X-wing. We don’t know yet whether this will be an exclusive to Toys R’ Us or Walmart or if it’ll be available everywhere. From what we’ve heard it will be released in mid-December in France so for the US it may be the same or earlier.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


6 thoughts on “[Hasbro] X-Wing Resistance With Poe Dameron

  1. I saw this resistance x wing in Walmart.. Has anyone got one? I want to know if they improved the plastic for the guns. The black X wing was a mess with the cheap plastic The guns were hopelessly bent. Im not spending $50 till I know they fixed this.


    1. If you have bent cannons on the black X-Wing, you can contact the Hasbro customer service and they’ll send you new cannons that are not bent.
      Concerning the blue resistance X-Wing, the cannons are not bent but an advice, Walmart is doing a special sale for the release of Star Wars Battlefront and the X-Wing will be at a cheaper price. But even the black X-Wing could be found at less than $50 on Amazon, they have it at $37 now.


      1. Just a heads up for the community.. I did break down and bought it today. Hasbro added better packaging and the guns are better plastic Everything was nice and straight. And the new Poe Dameron fits in the cockpit fine. Hasbro took the customer complaints to heart and fixed them.


  2. I concur with Jim’s observations. I actually picked mine up at Walmart about two weeks ago for $37 (the same price that Poe’s X-wing was going for on Walmart.com.) But what I didn’t know at the time was that it was a Walmart exclusive.


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