Today is Monday which means, it is time for a new interview at the Jedi Lounge, this time with Vicky ( @VadersGirl1997 )!

1. Which Star Wars movie did you see first?

The Phantom Menace.

2. What Star Wars means to you?

My nerdy pleasure which is irreplaceable and the best in the world.

3. What’s your favorite part of the Star Wars saga and why? (it can be one of the six movies or even one of the tv shows)

Seeing Padmé and Anakin get along because they’re the perfect couple.

4. If you wanted a subtitle for the Star Wars movies what would it be for you?

A galaxy divided is rather fitting from the clone wars, I think that would be good.

5. How important do you think it was to have the Prequels telling this story of the rise and fall of Anakin, the fall of the Republic … and why do you think it was important to tell this story? For you, how does it connect to the First trilogy?

It shows how Darth Vader and Luke came to be connected and how the empire began, also how like and leia are connected and the story of Tatooine and uncle Owen ant the emperors power.

6. What do you think of Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman’s performances in the Prequel trilogy for their respective roles?

Hayden Christensen showed perfectly the battle Anakin had within himself to stay loyal to the Jedi Order and to overcome his emotions for Padmé and his mother, “I’m a Jedi and I know I’m better than this” “what have I done” he knows when he has betrayed himself and lost the republic and obi wan, he is deeply sorry and then to save the last thing he has he is prepared to become Vader. Ewan mcgregor shows the relationship between anakin and obi wan that was described to Luke by Ben kenobi in all three movies, he is anxious at first but comes to love the boy an then his apprentice and friend, it is a remarkable performance, he ne’er sways towards evil only good, and always honest “why do I have a feeling you’re going to be the death of me” and Natalie Portman is so dedicated to her political role of padme, always staying loyal to her subjects and supporters, when asked to give a vote of no confidence in Valorum “he’s been our strongest supporter” but she moves towards what is right for her people and Portman portrays it with such passion that it’s flawless. Plus she’s not wearing a bra and that’s awesome. 😉

7. Do you think starting the Star Wars story with Anakin as a boy was a good choice and why?

Starting with a small Anakin shows his journey and struggle through life, and through the Jedi order, and allows viewers to understand why things happened and how he was bought into the Jedi order as how he an Obi-Wan were paired.

8. What’s your view on the use of CGI, Practical Effects and how they fit into a story? Do you think the special effects were at the service of the story in the Prequel movies?

Practical effects in fight scenes and lightsaber scenes as well as planet scenery were used well, but practical effects should have been used for closer things such as Yoda as they were in the originals, the effect of Yoda is greater then than in the Prequels.

9. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in the Prequels and why?

My favourite aspect is anakin. He gets topless a lot and that’s great 😉 he’s so emotional and passionate and that’s what moves the story along.

10. Do you think it was important to tell the story of The Clone Wars and do you think animation was the right medium to tell it?

I think it was important, probably better done with a real action movie, but animation brought younger viewers into the fandom so that was a bonus.

11. What impact did The Clone Wars leave on the six movies for you? How did it change your way of watching the six movies?

The clone wars gave me a better political view of war in general, not just outer space wars, and showed me (as it showed Ashoka) that “the war is not as black and white as it once seemed” and it far more story to all the little plots such as anakin and padme’s marriage, satine and obi wan, palpatine, it was informational.

12. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in The Clone Wars and why?

My favorite aspect in the clone wars was the morals it had to them, and the way they often related to the story, mostly for younger viewers as fables, and the exploration of the clones and kamino and clone stories like Fives and Rex and the order 66 chip 🙂

13. George Lucas said about the six movies “It’s ONE movie and it’s meant to be seen I through VI.” Do you agree with this statement and why?

Watching them out of order does seem a strange way to watch the movies but that’s not how I do it, I watch it 1-6 and enjoy the story, sometimes I pick it apart and analyse it, sometimes I’ll just let myself get carried away in space and watch things blow up and people fall in love and watch them “know”.

14. How do you feel concerning the promoting of The Force Awakens in a kind of Prequel hate atmosphere (I’m especially making reference to what happened on SDCC this year)?


15. Final question: What is your level of anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens?

I have a countdown and reminders on my phone I’m so excited to see what a new mind has thought of for the franchise, I’m especially excited to see the 3 bladed saber designed to not get your hand cut off!!!!

See next Monday for another interview and May the Force be with you!


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