[Review] Star Wars Rebels: ‘Relics of the Old Republic’

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This episode was written by Stephen Melching (a writer from The Clone Wars) and is the second part of the clones-centered arc, no need to say that this episode too was full of TCW feels! If you listened well, you probably spotted another TCW music theme in this new episode. After seeing the clones again last week, in this episode we saw them fighting the Empire. We saw last week that Rex was still a good shooter and so was Gregor who blew up a Tie Fighter in this new episode. I really liked Rex’s phrase to Kallus telling him he hoped they had brought a better class of soldiers than the stormtroopers. The clones were raised to be soldiers unlike the stormtroopers who were recruits and not trained the way the clones were so making them not as good. There was a good scene that brought a lot of feels from TCW when Rex talked about his general to Ezra, his general was obviously a reference to Anakin Skywalker, the jedi general he served during the clone wars. I think the way he talked about it suggests he didn’t know Anakin became Darth Vader but probably thought he was killed or something.

Hebergeur d'image

For the first time in Star Wars Rebels, we got to see AT-AT Pilot and AT-AT in action. The AT-AT were not the same as in the movie in visual terms, they were a hybrid version of McQuarrie drawings as the series was based a lot on his drawings (like the protocol droids in season 1 who were the ones from McQuarrie drawings too). That’d be the only complaint I have to make about the episode, it would have preferred the AT-AT we saw in the Original Trilogy rather than an hybrid but it was fine. We learned different ways about how to destroy one of these, in the OT it was with cables from the snowspeeders but obviously the Ghost crew and clones didn’t have that but a good shot at the neck actually worked!

I really like the friendship between Rex and Ezra that was building up in this episode and the previous one. Kanan had a hard time talking about his past and the clone wars but Rex was able to talk more about it to Ezra teaching him things, Rex could be a good influence for Ezra and a good model to follow so I hope their friendship will continue to follow this path in the next episodes.

The clones and Ghost crew were a team that worked very well and they proved they could work together, they won against the AT-ATs and made Kallus ran away. Seeing them working together was like we were back in the clone wars for a moment, the clones following the orders of their general in battle instead this time the general was Kanan so quite a powerful moment and action-packed!

I didn’t like Ezra in season 1, not at all but with last episode and this episode, well I actually liked his character, at least the way he acted towards the clones, it was good for once Ezra wasn’t a boring character and annoying, he was interesting so I hope the rest of the season stays on this path. I really loved when the Ghost crew left the clones and Ezra he stood up for them and asked Kanan to come back help them. I think this moment showed Ezra was a good character and really tried his best to do the right thing while Kanan showed once again his problems with his past and how much he still had to work on. Kanan may be Ezra’s master but he never became a Jedi Knight, he was still a padawan so I think with Ahsoka around, he will be able to learn too from her.

This episode also brought the Fifth Brother, a new Inquisitor who I think will be very interesting.

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The final scene was my favorite (not only from the episode but from Star Wars Rebels in its entirety) without any doubt, Ahsoka seeing Rex again was a wonderful moment. As far as we know the last time they saw each other was not long after the siege of Mandalore so they didn’t see each other for ten years or so. Both were happy to see each other, I really liked their first lines:
“You got old.” – Rex
“Had to happen sometime.” – Ahsoka
This scene brought a lot of feels, in The Clone Wars they were great friends and seeing them again in the dark times was wonderful, two old friends meeting again. This was the scene all the fans from TCW were waiting for and we got it! I’m definitely looking forward to see more scenes with Ahsoka and Rex!


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