Today is Monday which means a new interview at the Jedi Lounge, this time with Sean (@AH_SeanR).

1. Which Star Wars movie did you see first?

The Phantom Menace as a kid!

2. What Star Wars means to you?

A huge universe I was introduced too as a kid and have loved my entire life.

3. What’s your favorite part of the Star Wars saga and why? (it can be one of the six movies or even one of the tv shows)

My personal favourite has to be the battle for Geonosis in attack of the clones, it introduced the droid threat again, the clones first battle, and just an all out amazing battle.

4. If you wanted a subtitle for the Star Wars movies what would it be for you?


5. How important do you think it was to have the Prequels telling this story of the rise and fall of Anakin, the fall of the Republic … and why do you think it was important to tell this story? For you, how does it connect to the First trilogy?

I think it is very important because in the first star wars film a New hope references were made to the clone wars, and how Obi-wan and Anakin fought together, hinting at a huge past and untold story to the how the Empire came to be, and the prequels told the story well, I also enjoyed little easter eggs such as Anakin’s Darth Vader shadows that would appear.

6. What do you think of Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman’s performances in the Prequel trilogy for their respective roles?

Hayden I think did a good job portraying Anakin, I do personally prefer the Anakin used in clone wars, however he is a Cartoon he feels very different to the performance done by Hayden, where as Obi-wan and Padme’s cartoon feels very real to their movie roles, i’d Ewan takes my vote as the favourite.

7. Do you think starting the Star Wars story with Anakin as a boy was a good choice and why?

I think it was because it introduces Anakin at the start of his life, and what influences him from a young age, if we were introduced to Anakin in attack of the clones as an adult people wouldn’t have the same understanding of his past beyond the Jedi order.

8. What’s your view on the use of CGI, Practical Effects and how they fit into a story? Do you think the special effects were at the service of the story in the Prequel movies?

I enjoy special effects when done right, a lot of the old practical effects did look amazing in the older films, but I understand special effects can give you more scale and a dramatic feel, personally I would enjoy a mix of both, if Star wars was to become a full special effect movie I feel it would lack its core feel.

9. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in the Prequels and why?

My favourite aspect of the story in the prequels has to be the clone army, how they are introduced and are a clone from Jango, their Armour and role before they became Stormtroopers and the Empire, even though the clone template was expanded and changed from just being Jango, it was nice to see where all these white endless soldiers came from.

10. Do you think it was important to tell the story of The Clone Wars and do you think animation was the right medium to tell it?

The clone wars is a personal favourite for me, a lot of the stories have a real inpact in the overall story of the prequels, such as the clone chip in season 6, Anakins apprentice Ahsoka who was never referenced in the movies, but fits into making such a good role to influence Anakin, It also gave some extra story in the character of Boba, who was unseen after his father died until the original movies.

11. What impact did The Clone Wars leave on the six movies for you? How did it change your way of watching the six movies?

For me personally I love the show, but it hasn’t left any impact on the movies for me, just part of It being created after the movies, and the feel of the Cartoon against the real thing, leaves clone wars in its separate space for me.

12. What’s your favorite aspect of the story in The Clone Wars and why?

Ahsoka, she is my favourite character from the clone wars, and just her point of view being an apprentice to Anakin who we all know will one day become Vader, a good storyline involving them both was Mortis “Seeds of the dark side planted by your Master” and knowing her time would come to end in timeline to the third movie always left us ready at the time to say an unwanted goodbye.

13. George Lucas said about the six movies “It’s ONE movie and it’s meant to be seen I through VI.” Do you agree with this statement and why?

I’d say I partly agree, like they are split into originals and prequels, and even as intended to be seen as one movie, i’d say they would be like two movies, both are their own trilogy in their own time period of being made and in cinema, and there is so much expanded universe inbetween the two even such as Star wars rebels currently being aired.

14. How do you feel concerning the promoting of The Force Awakens in a kind of Prequel hate atmosphere (I’m especially making reference to what happened on SDCC this year)?

Personally in terms of promoting the new star wars movie I am not that concerned, I think parts of it look great and I think when its time comes it will be a great watch, and hit a lot of special places within people when they first watch it.

15. Final question: What is your level of anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens?

Instead of getting any expectations up to live up to the other 6, I see it more from a point of view of, if its good or bad, all the star wars I know and love will still exist, so lets wait and see what it brings!

See you next Monday, for another interview!


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