Yesterday was Wednesday so we got a new episode of Star Wars Rebels ‘Always Two There Are.’ In last week’s episode we got our first glimpse at the Fifth Brother but in this episode we got a full introduction to his character and saw him in action along with the Seventh Sister voiced by … Sarah Michelle Gellar! The Inquisitor from season 1 was the Grand Inquisitor while these 2 are just Inquisitors, however I think they were way more badass and more imposing, more frightening. This episode introduced us to two new great villains, these Inquisitors also had the spinning lightsaber but with some changes on the hilt. I really love their design, their personalities, they were frightening when you saw them arrived you knew Ezra and the rebels are going to get into some troubles! An interesting point to notice was that the Fifth Brother was made of an unused concept art from The Force Awakens so you can see there’s a unity in the production of the new stories and seeing Rebels used something from TFA was good.

Hebergeur d'image

It’s Halloween time and this episode was in the Halloween mood, Ezra, Zeb, Sabine & Chopper went to an old abandoned Republic Medical Station in this episode and it was pretty much where all the action took place so there was atmosphere of Thriller movies where it’s scary perfect for this time of the year and at the same time it got the story to move forwards.

Hebergeur d'image

Speaking of which, the Republic Medical Station is the same kind of Medical Station we saw in Star Wars The Clone Wars, this season is definitely made for the TCW fans and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Writers from TCW, characters from TCW, places from TCW, feels from TCW, Filoni is giving us a lot of amazing things for this season! Since, we’re talking about TCW, it’ll be time to mention that Rex was in the episode too aboard the Ghost.

Hebergeur d'image

I think it was interesting that this episode did not have a lot of Kanan and that it was Ezra who faced the Inquisitors, it built more of his character development and once again, his character was like-able unlike in season 1. I think this episode opened doors for the future of his story and probably may open a back door for him to leave his jedi training before the situation becomes impossible for him to survive. One of my favorite scene was his “interrogation scene” where the Seventh Sister “played” with his mind. It showed him once again that the darkside was powerful, dangerous and that this was only the beginning and it’s about to become way more crazy for them.

I liked the Seventh Sister, she was the kind of villain you’re going to fear. She seemed to be sadistic, someone who loved to play with her targets before killing them. I think it’s this kind of character that are the more dangerous and she showed it very well in this episode, I’m looking forward to see more of her!

8/10 An explosive episode that sets up what to expect for the rest of the season!


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