Harrison Ford Talks About Star Wars on the Jimmy Kimmel Live

Harrison Ford came to the Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday night and talked about Star Wars The Force Awakens plus his injury on the set of the movie and his plane crash. He came in a costume of a dog inside a hotdog and it was very funny. Harrison said that the new cast was phenomenal and JJ Abrams made an incredible movie, we won’t be disappointed, I’m sure we can trust him when he says that! He also talked about George Lucas and how the man gave him the opportunity to have such a great career. Star Wars opened him a lot of doors for his career thanks to Lucas and today he is a legend of cinema. Harrison was in a lot of other awesome movies (Blade Runner, The Fugitive, Witness …), he is an amazing actor, one of my favorites.
“It’s really, really good.” – Harrison Ford about The Force Awakens.

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