Hebergeur d'image

Today we have a new review for you and it’s General Hux figure. He is a 5POA figure with a ball-jointed head articulation and part of the second Space wave assortment, he has one accessory – his blaster (the same blaster as the First Order Tie Pilot but with a darker black plastic) and he has a part of a Build-A-Weapon. People may complain that these new figures are only 5POA but Hasbro never stopped caring about details and all this line has been highly detailed and with a great likeness of the characters and Hux’s figure is once again the proof of it. When you look at the face, there’s a great likeness of Domhnall Gleeson the actor playing this new general. The figure has a lot of details and Hasbro didn’t forget to add the First Order symbol on the coat of the general and on his cap. The 5POA line started in 2013 with some ugly figures I have to admit but since 2014 when the rebels line started and now with The Force Awakens line, Hasbro has improved a lot and the 5POA figures are now exceptional and all highly detailed and that is amazing! Concerning the design of General Hux, it changes a lot from the Imperial Officers & Republic Officers we had in the Original Trilogy and in The Clone Wars, the rank coded colors on the clothes has disappeared, now the officers of the First Order have a coat, but of course it’s still a rather simple outfit, this time it’s black not khaki (though we have seen black costumes for some Imperial Officers but it was never some high ranked officers). Looking at the outfit, the previous ones were more inspired by the German military from World War II while the First Order officers outfit seems to be more inspired by the USSR officers from World War II and the Cold War. So it’s definitely an interesting design for villains and since the First Order actually has a secret base on a snow planet, this outfit can be good for it. To conclude, it’s a great figure and its only big flaw is the cap, it’s not removable which is slightly disappointing.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

You can see the full size pictures on our facebook page here.


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