Hebergeur d'image

We’re coming to the end (for now) of our reviews of The Force Awakens Build-A-Weapon line as we have reviewed all the new figures from this line and wave 3 is not set to be released before a month or two. So the last review of the wave 2 space assortment is … the Guvian Enforcer. Some complained and called it a copy of GI-JOE (I personally can’t comment on that I don’t own any GI-JOE thing or never paid attention to these toys). What I think is it’s a strange design and that’s intriguing and interesting, it really is. The helmet is very similar to a droid head while the body clearly tells you the character is either human or another race. Plus the helmet, when you look at it you like to believe it’s a villain (but is it? We’ve seen a droid in the trailer with the same kind of colors that could be part of this Guvian gang and it was at Maz Kanata’s castle, though the word gang could indicate a villain, we’ll get our answers when the movie is released of course!) Concerning the colors, they are a good fit with the gear, personally I think seeing a Guvian Enforcer in green wouldn’t have had the same impact as seeing it in red, the red here is imposing and that’s cool! For the figure, it’s a 5POA one with a ball-jointed articulation and our enforcer has a blaster too with of course a part of a BAW which this time is nice as it is a rifle. To conclude, an awesome and intriguing figure!

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

You can see the full size pictures on our facebook page here.


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