It’s been now two months since we saw the release of The Force Awakens 3.75″ line on Force Friday on September 4th. Recently we talked about the availability of the products in France, today we’re going to talk about the line itself and what we think of it.

Since 2013/2014, Hasbro has taken a different turn with the 3.75inch. Indeed, they created a second line with only 5 Points of Articulation leaving the super-articulated figures being only a small sub-line. Now this sub-line of super articulated figures has become a US exclusive to the Walmart stores (outside US some third parties sellers are able to get them but not necessarily at a decent price like a store in France (an independent store which means VERY EXPANSIVE prices) having them at 29€ each, the double of the normal price). The first wave was only made of repacks and the second wave is supposed to have TFA figures but no sign of its release yet. The super-articulated line is most likely going to end within the next year which is sad and disappointing as it seems Hasbro literally let the line destroyed itself as selling repacks instead of new figures is a poor strategic choice, a really bad choice. However, not everything is dark in this new TFA line, Hasbro found redemption in the 5POA line.

So the 5POA line, in 2013 the first 5POA figures when the line started, the figures were really bad and ugly with bad paint apps, targeting only the kids but with 2014 and the start of the Star Wars Rebels line in 5POA it got A LOT better giving figures with great sculpt and great likeness to the characters they were representing, something that the collectors appreciated. It was with no surprise to hear that the 5POA line was the top-selling line of Hasbro. So what about the TFA figures line? Well, it follows what Hasbro did in 2014. Great sculpt, great likeness to the characters, accurate representation of the figures which is awesome for the collectors. Hasbro also did something for the kids – the Build-A-Weapon and Armor-Up. It’s something useless for collectors, the BAWs look hideous and actually don’t look like Star Wars stuff for the most part but they are fun for the kids. So this line draws a big audience with kids and collectors which is satisfying. Hasbro has also done improvements on the figures articulations giving them a ball-jointed head which is much better for the collectors in the dioramas. Furthermore, this line proposes a large choice of characters from the heroes of the new movie to the different kind of soldiers of the First Order and as usual with Star Wars we also get the background characters like Sarco Plank, Constable Zuvio, Goss Toowers …! There is also another improvement with the vehicles – they included a figures with each vehicle, this is a non-negligible add, having a figure when you get a vehicle is good. However, there are some problems in the line. The first one is the prices which got higher for no reason, I won’t develop on this as I talked about it in a post back in September. The second problem is the paint apps but this as always been a problem with Hasbro (depending on the years) sometimes the paint apps can be pretty bad so in order to get figures with good paint apps you have to be careful when you buy them to be sure there are no problems on them. The last problem is the line is TFA centered but it is really disappointing to see almost no representation of the Prequels and literally 0 representation of The Clone Wars among the figures, this is not normal and I hope Hasbro will bring some figures of the PT and TCW in this line next year. Also the little number of Star Wars Rebels and Original Trilogy figures we got are disappointing – only repacks and these repacks are pegwarmer from the previous years while they could have released for the Rebels line the captain Rex and Fifth Brothers we were told about at SDCC this year. One last thing I want to mention but it is not a problem, not really, we know a Luke figure won’t come before next year as he is kept secret for a good reason but it is strange that a Han Solo and Leia TFA figures haven’t been released yet as they were shown in the trailer especially Han who got a lot of scenes, though I think a Han is coming in the December wave, I have a good feeling about it.

So overall the TFA line is a success and satisfying giving us great figures, we can only want more!


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