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Yesterday, Disney X.D. aired a new episode of Star Wars Rebels with a fan-favorite character from The Clone Wars – Hondo Ohnaka! This season definitely is amazing for all the fans of The Clone Wars bringing back characters from the award-winning series! Hondo was not the only thing from TCW in this episode, we saw many elements from the series. On Garei in the background we saw ships from TCW, Azmorigan’s ship was also from TCW. The place on this new snow planet was the same design as the space station seen in TCW episode ‘Revival’, an episode in which there was Hondo. The last element from TCW was the music Hondo was listening to, first heard in TCW. All these elements were nice to see and connected even more the two series together and established a good continuity.

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So now, I really want to talk about the story of this new episode. It was much like the episode ‘Idiots Array’ that brought Lando Calrissian back – a small and fun adventure, it was a filler episode, the main story of the show did not progress it was just a stop to have a nice adventure. Actually, the two episodes were heavily connected, it was the same kind of story and the villain was Azmorigan once again. The episode was centered on Ezra Bridger, Chopper and Hondo. I think last week’s episode shattered a bit Ezra’s faith in being a jedi because of the Inquisitors, though this episode was the contrary it helped Ezra having faith in the jedi again. Despite his faith being restored, this episode opened an exit for Ezra as at the time of the Original Trilogy, jedi were not in the Rebellion so Kanan, Ahsoka and Ezra would have to leave at some point and this episode opened a back door for Ezra. I really liked the Hondo and Ezra team, I think it worked so well because Ezra used to be a bit like Hondo on a smaller scale – he was a street thief while Hondo was a well-known pirate. Hondo didn’t change a bit, he changed physically of course, he was older but he didn’t change in who he was, he was still this funny pirate that everyone loved. The one thing that really changed for him was that he lost his pirates from Florrum, it seemed the Empire didn’t like his activities there so he was on his own. My favorite scene was when Hondo mentioned his jedi best friend who was obviously Obi-Wan Kenobi bringing TCW feels once again!

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The episode had a good pace altering laugh and some action with Hondo and Ezra and Chopper there could only be some good fun and as usual Hondo got himself into some troubles. One of the funniest scene was when Hondo got the credits and he was about to be thrown in the space void and he said “I’m rich!” and then added “I’m dead.” That was the typical Hondo’s humor. On Ezra’s side, it seemed like he loved stealing people’s name in the series premiere he told Agent Kallus he was Jabba the Hutt and in this episode he told Hondo he was Lando Calrissian until Hondo found out the truth. Azmorigan was a more serious villain than last time as he was ready to kill both Ezra and Hondo though he ended up as a coward like in ‘Idiots Array’ having to run away.

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Cikatro Vizago was also in this episode and Ezra helped him making them even (remember, in season 1 Vizago helped Ezra by giving some information and the kid owed him a favor because of this). We pretty much had every smugglers/thieves from Star Wars Rebels at the exception of Lando though he was mentioned in this one episode which was actually nice to see them reunited with a new addition – Hondo.

7/10 A good and fun adventure.


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