Disney is well-known to have HUGE budgets for a lot of their movies since the past decade (a few examples: The Lone Ranger: $225 million, Oz the Great and Powerful $215 million, Avengers $225 million …) and having enormous budgets like those can sometimes lead to financial failures, this is what happened to Tomorrowland having a budget of $190 million bringing only $208,6 million from the box office (it happened the same to John Carter, The Lone Ranger and other movies from Disney). When you take a look at their results in box office these are amazing results not every movie can claim $200 million at the box office! However the problem is the Disney movies’ budgets are so high that these numbers are not enough and the movies need to over-perform if they want to become financial successes. That’s one of the most important problems with Disney, they spend too much money leading to endanger their movies. If they just take a look at other companies like for example Lionsgate who owns the Hunger Games movies, the budget for this YA franchise is around $130 million per movie and brought more than $400 million for each of their movies – HUGE financial success and visually they are just as stunning as the big movie budgets like Avengers if not even more stunning than Avengers! Unfortunately for Star Wars The Force Awakens their budget is enormous around $200 million without counting marketing and promoting if you count it, it goes to $437 million so this is almost $500 million which is insane, it’s way too much! If you take for example the Prequels which are movies from the 2000s they had a budget of $115 million which is a good and reasonable budget and they were enormous financial successes. The Force Awakens to be a financial success needs at least $900 million/$1 billion at the box office, well TFA will do just fine and probably hits the $2 billion without any problem for two important reasons. First, we haven’t seen any Star Wars movies in cinemas since 2008 with The Clone Wars movie (with a budget of $8.5 million and a performance at the box office of $68 million financially an impressive success) so it creates big expectation thus a lot of people will go see it. Secondly, it’s the first of the Sequels trilogy so people definitely wants to see how this new trilogy opens. However, if Disney keeps to have crazy budgets for the upcoming SW movies some of them may not be able to bring $1 billion at the box office especially the Anthology movies (also called Star Wars Story movies). These standalone movies are not part of the new trilogy so they are their own stories , the general audience is less interested by those and they’re also not very much aware of the Anthology movies. Having a $400 million budget (including marketing and promoting in it) for Anthology movies may likely destroy these movies and make them financial failures so Disney should really think about this before keep going on with huge budgets. The rest of the sequel trilogy will most likely also do less than TFA as they won’t be the first of the trilogy though they’ll probably do around $1 billion.
We’ll see how Disney acts with the other upcoming Star Wars movies but they should be careful and not risk everything for their greed.


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