Yesterday night, ABC aired during its TGIT night a new TV Spot for The Force Awakens, it features new dialogue lines and new footage. These TV Spots really focus on the tagline “Every generation has a story” – pointing out to two meanings, first this sequel trilogy is about this new generation of heroes (Rey, Finn and Poe) and secondly TFA will also introduce Star Wars to a new generation just like the Originals and Prequels did.
In the war scene room, we can spot C-3PO, Ackbar and Billie Lourd’s character. (Billie Lourd is Carrie Fisher’s daughter, she is on the TV series Scream Queens, if you have time watch it, it airs on Tuesdays on FOX and it’s a great show – both funny and scary at the same time.) We can also see Han Solo giving Rey a blaster (the blaster she uses against Kylo Ren). You can also see other new footage like a Tie Fighter escaping the hangar of a star destroyer, Finn using Anakin’s lightsaber against a Riot Control First Order stormtrooper!


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