[Review] Star Wars: Princess Leia

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Today, we review the comics mini-series Star Wars: Princess Leia (the comics is available in trade paperback gathering the 5 issues, or you can find the 5 issues separately). Well, I think we’ll start with the negative points of this mini-series and then we’ll talk about the good points.

First, visually the drawings they are drawings of a different style but it was not really star wars to me, very often Leia didn’t look like Leia in the movies, her face which was disappointing. In other comics, you find the likeness of the characters in the drawings but here not that much. It could have definitely been better!

The idea of royalty was very important in the first two parts. Aldeeran was a monarchy but very very different from what we had on Naboo. On Naboo, Queens were elected, it was not really a monarchy while on Aldeeran it really is a monarchy that is transmitted by generations. However, it didn’t feel the right political regime for Aldeeran, I think they should have followed Naboo’s regime which was a democracy even if there was Queen. Bail Organa believed in democracy but the regime on Aldeeran was not much of it, it was not a tyranny but it was not a political system where people could elect their leader so this didn’t fit with the story and definitely didn’t fit with what Bail was and not with what Leia was. I didn’t understand why the writers did this, it didn’t make sense to do this, if they wanted a Queen as Leia was a princess they should have done like the Naboo regime – a democracy. That was really the major problem in this mini-series and really how they focused on this idea. The idea of electing a princess actually only happened at the end of the story when Leia leaves the survivors of Aldeeran.

The last negative point of this mini-series is how Leia was presented at the beginning. The rebels seemed not to like her, because they thought she had no heart for her people as she was a princess and it went back to this idea of monarchy where the poor subjects of the monarchy could feel like their monarchs didn’t care of their lives. That didn’t feel “real.” In the movies, we never got this image of Leia. There was something else about her character at the beginning that didn’t match. The way she talked to General Dodonna and how the story presented her, it didn’t seem like she was high-ranked while in the movies of course she was not a general (well, she is a general in The Force Awakens but I’m talking about the first trilogy) but she seemed to be one of the leaders of this rebellion. So that was another disappointment to see how she was presented at the beginning.

Now I think we can talk about the good points. The story starts exactly after the end of Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and it gave us some context on what happened next – the evacuation of the Yavin 4 base. We learned that Admiral Ackbar was already part of the rebellion at this time so it was nice to see him giving orders to the soldiers during the evacuation. We also saw Nien Nunb and it gave us new information – at the time of ANH, he was not yet a part of the rebellion but he was a smuggler. I think he probably joined the rebllion after the events of this mini-series. We also saw him with the ship he had in Star Wars Moving Target and Star Wars Shattered Empire so it was good to see some connection between the different star wars book contents.

The story was quite simple: rescue and unite the remaining Aldeeranians but it was interesting and a fun ride. The team Leia and Evaan Verlaine worked perfectly – two strong women character working together. Except from what I mentioned earlier, Leia’s personality was the same as in the movies. Leia was really a character who cared about people and this story couldn’t have been a better way to prove it – it was Leia’s plan to gather the Aldeeranians and unite them. Evaan was an interesting character, she was intelligent, a good fighter, a good pilot and she ended up princess and leader of the Aldeeranians at the end of the story which was an important role, a political role of leader. It was nice to see such an evolution in her character, she started as a pilot in the rebellion to end as princess of the Aldeeranians, that was a big development. I hope we’ll be able to see her again in upcoming comics or novels.

I loved that the story brought Leia to Naboo. It was her homeworld (her mother Padmé Amidala was from Naboo) even if at the time she had no idea that her real mother was the former senator of Naboo though she got a clue at it. Indeed, when Leia arrived at Naboo she saw a painting of Padmé when she was a Queen and she felt a connection, Leia didn’t know what it was but maybe it was the Force trying to tell her the truth, it’s possible. It was definitely great to see this, a beautiful connection to the Prequel movies.

6/10 This was pretty good comics with great characters, having comics with strong women characters as lead characters was amazing and I truly hope we can get more comics like these. However, this mini-series had some issues that if they had been avoided could have make of this comic an amazing mini-series!

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