[Review] Star Wars Volume 1: Skywalker Strikes

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Today we review the first volume of the Star Wars main series comics. This first volume includes the first 6 issues of the series. The story takes place after Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and before Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back so the title Star Wars is a bad choice as this comics is set in the Empire era thus does not focuses on every SW eras. As we mostly see the heroes, Star Wars Rebellion would have been a much better title but well it’s not the first time Marvel comics has chosen a title that doesn’t fit (ex: Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan). It’s the same with their covers, the covers of the comics may be beautiful but it often doesn’t represent the story told in it so maybe they should check it out and make some changes for the future issues and series.

This first volume gave us many information relevant to the bigger picture. In ESB, we saw Darth Vader knowing the identity of Luke Skywalker but we were never shown how he learned it, these comics gave us the answer and it involved Boba Fett working for Vader and in the middle of it just throw a great fight between Boba and Luke. In this first fight Boba lost but he almost won so seeing them facing each other again in Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi felt like a continuation. Boba attacked Luke like if he wanted another round to win this time, though he lost and got killed by the Sarlacc thanks to Han in ROTJ. As we’re speaking of ROTJ, we’ll continue to talk about something related to this era. We learned with the post-ROTJ books of the Journey from The Force Awakens that the rebels created the New Republic lead by Mon Mothma who took the title of Chancellor. This series revealed that Mon Mothma had already the title of Chancellor way before which was interesting to learn, thus we could wonder if the rebellion wasn’t already establishing the seeds of a new Republic at that time. Speaking of Republic, did you ever wonder what happened to the Separatists vehicles after the droid army was shut down? Well, we got some answers! For example the Empire took control of the AAT and used them, renaming them Imperial tanks. All these little things might seem just little things but they are relevant and connect the two trilogies even more and also connect the movies of the OT even more with each other.

Concerning the story, the first three parts were action-packed launching Han, Leia and Luke on a new adventure but it was a rather simple story – destroying the biggest imperial factory. We got a Vader vs. Luke lightsaber fight which was fun but part 1,2,3 were too way too simple while part 4,5,6 had much more interesting and complex story. Luke questioned himself, who he was, who he was supposed to be, how could he become a jedi leading him back on Tatooine so this was a great character development for him. We saw that he was on his father’s path with the anger, it’s a feeling that everyone can have, it’s human. It was interesting to see Luke realize that maybe anger was not the Jedi’s path and we saw him try to get answers. He’s not just the perfect hero, he has flaws like everyone and I think him leaving the rebellion in this series foreshadowed what happened after ROTJ. In TFA, we know that Luke is somehow nowhere to be find, in exile, for now we don’t know why but here in these comics he left to find who he was, at the time of ROTJ it seems he has find out who he is so maybe the reason of him leaving in the post-ROTJ era is to protect who he is, to protect the last jedi that he is.

Han and Leia also got an interesting story in part 4,5,6. We saw them arguing, the same way they argued in ESB, slowly leading us to how this relationship was in this movie. We could feel that Han started to have feelings for Leia and vice versa and both not wanting to show it. It came as a shocker that Han had a wife – Sana Solo who seemed to be mad at her husband. Her character seemed not a good one, she seemed like an hateful and merciless character.

The writers captured well Darth Vader personality – at this time he was still the Vader who destroys everyone on his way and he was not yet the regretful Vader from ROTJ. In ESB, we saw that Boba and Vader had already worked together and this series showed us how, Vader had hired Boba to find Luke so the two had an history of working together and we finally saw it.

7/10 A series that started well especially with parts 4,5,6 that were much more complex and interesting with great character developments!

2 thoughts on “[Review] Star Wars Volume 1: Skywalker Strikes”

  1. I will have to go back and read this, as well as the Darth Vader series. The “collector” in me insists on getting the monthly issues but I find that it makes retaining information, and staying engaged is difficult. Then again, reviews like this help to remind me of what happened, but I still think a re-read is in order.

    Is that a knock on the monthly format, a knock on the series for not being unforgettable, or entirely normal? I don’t know.


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