Yesterday night aired a new episode of Star Wars Rebels. It’s great to see that the Rebels creative team is always inspired by The Clone Wars. This episode was focused on a female character again, this time – Sabine Wren! She was not the only focus, it was also centered on Ketsu Onyo. The Clone Wars had episodes like this focused on female characters (some examples: ‘Sphere of Influence’, ‘Corruption’ and many more!) so it’s great to see that Star Wars Rebels is following this path too. The style of the episode was not the only inspiration from The Clone Wars, the Rebels crew reused elements from the award-winning series: Ketsu’s ship was a modified version of the Banshee, Ventress’ ship in Dark Disciple, the Star Bus was a repaint of the Phoenix, Ketsu was a bounty hunter working for the Black Sun which was introduced in The Clone Wars and was part of Darth Maul’s Shadow Collective, finally Ketsu’s helmet was reminiscent of Boba Fett’s helmet in ‘Bounty’ episode!

Hebergeur d'image

Just like last week, we learned more about Hera’s past, this week we learned more about Sabine’s past. We already knew that Sabine was at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore before being a rebel and now we learned that Ketsu and her were friends and it was with her that she escaped the Academy. Sabine’s dream was to work for the Black Sun which Ketsu managed to do. So we saw that the Sabine we know wasn’t always the same. It would be interesting to see this story told – her time at the Academy …, there’s some good potential for a comic series like they did for Kanan.

Hebergeur d'image

Ketsu demonstrated some pretty badass skills at the beginning of the episode, beating some Stormtroopers. The way she acted was typically what you would expect from a bounty hunter, she was very similar to Sugi from The Clone Wars – a bounty hunter with a heart.

Hebergeur d'image

With this episode, we got weirdo Ezra flirting with Sabine, he miserably failed as Sabine didn’t seem to be interested in him which was funny. It was still better than annoying Ezra from last week. This character still has a lot of problems, sometimes he’s going to be completely annoying while other times he’s going to be an interesting character. Concerning Chopper, he was always the same funny and grumpy droid who saves the day! Plus, he got to see an “old” friend R2-D2!

The plot was rather simple as Sabine was just supposed to get a courier droid and bring it on an outpost for Bail Organa but the episode was mostly about building character story.

8/10 A great episode in which we learned more about Sabine. I hope SWR keeps having female character centered episodes because so far they were all awesome!


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