In an interview with CBS (that will fully air in December), George Lucas talked about “breaking-up” with Star Wars and The Force Awakens. As we know, Disney didn’t use what Lucas had in mind for the sequel trilogy and he revealed they weren’t keen to have him be involved as they wanted to tell a story for the fans while Lucas wanted to tell the story of what happened as he always did – tell the story he wanted not what some fans made up in their minds which is one of the reasons why I admire George Lucas so much. So it seems Disney wanted to really step away from Lucas and do their own things but in the process it looks like they listened to the minority of PT haters, it could explain why they cancelled Star Wars The Clone Wars , the award-winning series in which Lucas was involved in every episode. The series was cancelled while it was a big hit and received many Emmy Awards.

You can see a part of his interview here:

I really like what Charlie Rose said at the end of the video “He’s one of my favorite people in the world, speaks his mind and he doesn’t care.” Lucas always says what he has to say, and with his movies, he did the same, he told the story he wanted to tell without carrying what people would think, he just did what he wanted and that’s why his Star Wars saga (the entire saga Prequels and Originals) is a masterpiece, it’s art.

Lucas’ plans for sequels was about the grandchildren of the Skywalker family (so the sons & daughters of Leia & Han an/or Luke & someone else), it’s a soap opera as Lucas described his saga. Kathleen Kennedy said previously that the Sequel trilogy will follow the story of the Skywalker family again but we can wonder which path it’ll take as it won’t take Lucas’ ideas. However, as Rey and Finn’s last names haven’t been revealed one of them is most likely a Skywalker but maybe not Anakin’s grandchildren, maybe another branch of the unknown branch of the Skywalker family or something like this.

Entertainment Weekly has posted about this too and there’s one thing that I thought was worth mentioning, it’s something JJ Abrams said. On the poster of The Force Awakens there was absolutely no mention of George Lucas, not even “Based on the characters/universe created by George Lucas” and JJ Abrams didn’t even know why it wasn’t on the poster but he said it would probably be in the credits of the movie. However, what I’m interested to mention is that once again JJ Abrams acknowledged the existence of the Prequels trilogy and that’s great to see this (as previously marketing tactics for TFA involved subtle PT hate): “We are standing on the shoulders of Episode I through VI.”

No matter how awesome The Force Awakens and its sequel will be I think it’s really a shame that Disney didn’t want of Lucas, he’s the man who created the saga and he knows better than anyone else what’s good for the story because stories always came first with him.


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