[Hasbro] Review: Rey & BB-8 (Jakku) 6inch

This is our first review on the 6inch Black Series figures, we’ll do a few more (Finn (Jakku) and probably Poe Dameron) but not a lot as our focus is on the 3.75inch lines.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

We’ll start by reviewing BB-8, visually he looks great, the paints app are good and accurate to its movie counterpart, you can move his head that’s the only point of articulation he has. The figure is also accurate with the size. However, there is a huge problem with this figure is unlike the 3.75inch figure which has a flat bottom to make it stand, the bottom of BB-8 6inch is round which makes him nearly impossible to stand. It’s a 6inch figure so a more expensive line, I would have expect no problem on this, so that’s disappointing.

Hebergeur d'image

Rey has a LOT of points of articulation – 16 allowing a great mobility of the figure. The figure has a great likeness of the character and has excellent paint apps, the staff too! The flaw of this figure is her skirt is in plastic so the legs articulation are a bit useless as she cannot sit but that’s not necessarily a big problem. Despite being a scavenger, her outfit is reminiscent of the Jedi outfit which could have interesting implications about who her parents are, just saying.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

You can see the pictures in their full sizes on our facebook page as usual!


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