Yesterday night, JJ Abrams and the cast of Star Wars The Force Awakens came at the Jimmy Kimmel Live. Harrison Ford just came for a funny sketch ending his feud with Chewbacca, that was for me the most interesting part of this special Star Wars JKL.

Star Wars as a Romantic comedy was also funny:

JJ Abrams also revealed the “first word” spoken in TFA but this was probably a joke and Jimmy realized it was an anagram of Sith:

Beyond this, it wasn’t that much interesting, telling things we already knew, circling around the same things over and over again as the cast can’t talk about the story of the movie. Usually, specials at JLK are so much fun but this one was a disappointment but I don’t blame Jimmy for this, Jimmy was just great as usual, it’s Disney and their tactics of hiding everything. A special for SW wasn’t necessary as nothing was revealed. You can see the other videos here.

The most disappointing part of this special was the Ard-Wars with questions only about the Original Trilogy, totally ignoring the Prequel trilogy, it was just like the day before at the American Music Awards during the tribute performance to John Williams on the screen behind with only footage from the OT and TFA, it looks like the PT hate promoting is not over yet and it just keeps going:


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