Yesterday night, a new episode of Star Wars Rebels aired on Disney X.D. It was written by Matt Michnovetz (writer for The Clone Wars who also write ‘The Lost Commanders’ episode for Rebels).

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This episode introduced us to a new Imperial Cruiser able to pull out a ship of hyperspace! That’s a new thing in the canon universe. The design was inspired of the same ship from Legends. We can see that the Empire did like the Separatists did during the clone wars experimenting new weapons (like the Malevolence and the Defoliator in season 1), they kept trying to find new ways to beat their enemies! We were also introduced to the black uniform of Imperial officers like seen on some characters in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and the Imperial weapons technician called Death Star Gunner in ANH. I liked that the weapons technician color suit was inspired by what did Hasbro in one of their previous figures – having the suit grey instead of black. It was not the first time that Filoni’s crew used Hasbro/Kenner’s figures as a model (the Imperial Troop Transport was inspired by a vehicle of the same name released by Kenner). Still concerning the references, the Corellian Corvettes were blue like Bail’s Corellian Corvette in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, I hadn’t talked about it in my other reviews but I thought about it while watching this episode so I thought it was a nice nod to the Prequels.

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Like, I mentioned in my previous reviews, I don’t like Ezra Bridger except for some episodes where his character was really interesting and not annoying. This episode was one where I liked Ezra. He acted like a responsible person and not like a child. He was even careful not to kill the stormtroopers. I noticed his lightsabers skills improved A LOT, he almost seemed to be as good as Kanan, technically Kanan never reached the jedi knight rank so he was not that powerful and actually we could wonder sometimes who’s the master and who’s the apprentice because Kanan could be quite childish. I liked that he kept using his Jabba the Hutt trick though this time it didn’t work, the Imperial officer had a brain (well, not really as he underestimated Ezra and lost the battle) and realized that Ezra couldn’t be a hutt.

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Speaking of Kanan, this episode tried a new team – Kanan and Rex. It was an unlikely duo as Kanan hated Rex. After more than ten years Kanan was still not able to turn the page with Order 66 and the clones (one thing I noticed, the female characters in Rebels are much more stronger than the male characters (from the Ghost crew) who sometimes seem to be unreasonable. Strong female characters are always great in a movie/TV show.) And it’s this hate that misguided Kanan in a part of this episode but thankfully Rex was there to take the right decisions. After spending few episodes complaining about Rex anytime he could and he kept complaining in this episode too, Kanan finally accepted Rex and I think it’s a friendship that will go stronger with the rest of the season. Rex proved once again how great a hero he was, ready to sacrifice himself for the rebellion, fortunately Kanan saved him. I have to say I was a little bit afraid that Rex would die in this episode but I’m relieved he survived. This duo brought TCW feels, it felt like old times Jedi and clones working together and I loved that Rex made references to Cody and to Anakin and Ahsoka when he talked about Jedi. So this second season kept going on with the clone wars feels which I can only say was awesome! Star Wars Rebels season 2 is definitely a great season, much more better than the first one, not yet on the level of TCW but on the road to be as good as it was.

This episode was quite action-packed with for the first time the rebel troopers in action and no one died, rebel troopers are much better shooters than Stormtroopers! Commander Sato also participated in the action which was good to see more of him, he’s an interesting character. Rex did not loose his skills, he was still a pretty good soldier! With the action, there was also some humor. Rex found a new way to use the stormtrooper helmet – use it as a weapon! That was really funny! My favorite scene was Ezra shooting Kanan and Rex who were disguised in stormtroopers, Ezra was trying to pretend there was a big battle as an excuse and Chopper came up with the recording showing Ezra was lying. This was really funny, even Rex laughed about it! Kanan was not amused at all, come on Kanan, you need to laugh sometimes!

The plot of the episode – Commander Sato and Ezra trying to search a ship whose they lost contact with, suddenly captured by a new Imperial ship with Rex and Kanan trying to rescue them. It was a solid and fun plot greatly written by Matt.

9/10 An awesome episode keeping up with The Clone Wars feels. A solid, funny action-packed story, we can only ask for more!


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