Yesterday there was a bunch of new figures revealed thanks to Amazon Canada. These figures all seemed to be from the first half of The Force Awakens (minus the Star Wars Rebels figures) and Hasbro recently said that what they had released at Force Friday was from the first half of the movie and that a lot more figures were coming in the upcoming months and next year once the movie will be released. It was done on purpose in order to give no spoilers about the story. So considering this, we can definitely guess that the figures revealed will be released in December as they’re still part of the first half of the movie. We are only at two weeks away from the release date of the movie so my guess is these figures will hit retail on the week of December 18th right so when the kids will leave the cinema after watching the movie they’ll be able to go to toy stores and buy the figures!

In the Build-A-Weapon line, it was the three figures from the Desert assortment that were released so there’s still the Snow, Space and Jungle assortments to be revealed. I think it would logical that Han Solo and General Leia are in one of these assortment. The Fifth Brother from Star Wars Rebels should probably be part of this third wave as he was revealed at SDCC at the same time Rex was. Then that’s three more figures so what would be the six remaining figures of this wave? I think a repack of the First Order Stormtrooper is probably on the list then maybe Nien Nunb or Jessika Pava or both and maybe some other aliens and a Sabine season 2 from SWR.

Concerning the vehicles with figure, Ezra and his speeder from Rebels definitely cannot be the only one Class I vehicle of the wave so we can expect one more in this wave and most likely a TFA vehicle either invented by Hasbro or directly from the movie.

For the 2-pack figures, there’s definitely more packs than the one we saw yesterday. In wave 1, there were 7 packs so in wave 2 we can expect the same amount or something in the same range. My guess is we are going to see a 2-pack with Maz Kanata and probably a repack of Finn with Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber.

In the first wave of Armor-Up figures there were 8 figures, yesterday we got 2 revealed so there’s more coming in wave 2.

So you should definitely be prepared to see more reveals in the upcoming days or weeks, we’ll keep you update as always!


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