This is the most craziest news of the week, Disney has officially gone crazy they have threatened fans with lawsuits for posting the figure of Rey with her resistance outfit while this person had LEGALLY BOUGHT the figure at Walmart in the US. The original picture has been taken down from Facebook with a DMCA take down because of copyright infringement.
“Description of infringement: A screen shot of an unreleased figurine for Star Wars: Force Awakens”
The guy who bought the figure found it at Walmart not in a trash or something, he legally bought it so it’s hard to understand how can Disney threaten fans, it doesn’t make sense. They’re literally gone crazy, if we can’t even buy toys because we risk lawsuits for posting a picture, maybe we should stop buying the toys so Disney will be happy.

You can read the full story here.

We haven’t received any DMCA take down for now but we have decided to remove the picture from our site (along with the Han Solo reveal picture as there is Rey on it too).
We will post the Rey picture when Disney will have decided that this figure is released.


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