[Review] Star Wars Rebels: Legacy

Yesterday night, the mid-season finale of Star Wars Rebels aired on Disney X.D. (new episodes will come back in January).

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This episode was for me the most disappointing episode of season 2, the quality was like the lowest episodes of season 1. With Rebels, it seems that they overuse the Force way too much. It’s not the first time that Ezra used his visions and it’s way too much, it’s like he’s using the Force for everything while we don’t see that happen in other Star Wars canon content – finding a name on a list, finding a prisoner … Furthermore when Ezra has his visions he falls into a void at the end of it which is weird while it didn’t happen to Anakin when he had his vision about a dying Padmé in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. So that’s really a problem for me this overuse of the Force and this episode used it way too much, way way too much all the more when you know that Ezra is just a padawan, he’s not a jedi knight and he’s not the Chosen One. So that definitely was one of the downside of the episode.

Since, I’m talking about the negative points, I’m going to continue with what was wrong with the episode and I’ll talk about the positive points of the episode later. The plot was really weak it was based on Ezra’s vision that he needed to find his parents to end it by learning that his parents died. They built up the plotline are Ezra’s parents alive or dead since season 1 to finally reveal that they died? Hmm, that was strange and lame. Honestly, I knew they were dead and I think for Ezra’s story it’s actually an interesting move as it mirrors Anakin’s heroe’s journey and it opened a door for Ezra to follow his parents’ steps and continue to do like they did help people thus it also opened the possibility of Ezra’s fate that in the end of the series he could sacrifice himself to save and that’s very interesting. But to come back to my point, they shouldn’t have built up Ezra’s parents storyline for so long to finally declare they were dead, it should have been settled down in the middle of season 1 and not now.

Lothal, well Minister Tua said in season 2 premiere there was a reason the Empire came on Lothal, something important then why if it’s so important did the Empire removed all its cruisers during while they went to Garei, shouldn’t they have left at least one cruiser to protect the planet? All the more when we saw that the Imperial cruisers were useless against the rebels – they managed to take down only one shuttle and it were not the cruisers who did it but some TIE fighters. Rex was supposed to have plans for the rebels so they could settle down for a new base and instead they had chosen Garei, that didn’t make sense. This “battle” was quite quick not much of action, we saw the Inquisitors but no fight, Agent Kallus got Force pushed so all of that was too quick while it could have been done differently.

Finally, this season has a real lack of presence of female characters. So far, season 2 only got two episodes focused on the female characters and two episodes in which we saw female characters “a lot” while all the other episodes had a huge male presence with little presence of any female characters which was quite disappointing on this level. To compare with another animated TV series, The Clone Wars always had a strong female presence in its episodes even when it was not a female character centered episode so Rebels should take example on TCW for future episodes, female characters are a huge part of Star Wars, you can also look at the Prequels and Original Trilogy too so I really hope Rebels follow this path for the future.

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Now the positive points of the episode because there were some! Surprisingly, some of the good points of the episode came from Ezra. I really liked that we saw once again his dark side when he tried to face the Inquisitors and got mad at Kanan for trying to slow him down in his quest to find his parents. It showed that Ezra is still not able to control his emotions, he’s not there yet, there’s a very human side of him and that was interesting to see.

This episode marked the returned of Clancy Brown in the Star Wars universe, he voiced Savage Opress in the Emmy-Award-winning series Star Wars The Clone Wars and in Rebels he voiced a new character, it was nice to see that his character had his likeness, he really looked like him.

The scene where Ezra learned the death of his parents was quite emotional, we could really be sad with him even if it was expected. Even if we never saw them for “real” (by real I mean in the present time of Rebels not in visions or flashbacks), I really like their characters, they were good people and they were thinking about others before themselves, they were selfless pretty much like the Jedi, wise characters.

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The final scene was mind-blowing that’s all, mind-blowing – the visuals, the emotions, the music, the dialogue! Ezra seeing a projection of his parents, talking with him it was just beautiful. This projection was from the past, we can suppose that it was something that happened when Ezra was born, his parents talking to him while he was a baby (probably months after his birth), after the fall of the Republic before the Empire arrived, Lothal was quite different it was a beautiful city almost an utopia and in this memory Ezra saw himself as he was now. Kanan was wrong on something for me, he explained to Ezra his vision was because of the Force and that his parents would live in him always but I don’t think it’s because of the Force, whether you’re a Jedi or not, the people you love will always be in your heart.

If you have to remember something about this episode, remember this line said by Ezra’s parents:
“Without hope, we have nothing.”

5/10 An overall weak episode that could have been way better. However, it had a brilliant end that saved it.


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