I found a very interesting interview yesterday, it is Samuel L. Jackson (who played Mace Windu in the Star Wars Prequels) who interviewed Gwendoline Christie (who plays Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens). It is a great connection between the Prequels and Sequels that an actor from the PT interviews someone from the ST! Obviously the two mention Star Wars in this interview and I really appreciate that Gwendoline respects the Prequels and from the sound of it she probably loves them too.
Also, it’s great to see that Samuel L. Jackson is still so passionate about Star Wars and how proud he is to have been part of this saga, I would really love to see him again play Mace Windu in an anthology Star Wars movie!

JACKSON: Now to the meat of the subject: Star Wars. I didn’t even know you were in Star Wars. I was trying to get over there on that set, I would have run into you. I was coming over there to see if maybe I could audition to be Jedi or something.

CHRISTIE: But hang on, you’ve already ruled over some Star Wars films, right?

JACKSON: Yeah, a couple.

CHRISTIE: [laughs] I love that, I love how laissez-faire you are about that. “Oh a couple, a couple of Star Wars movies.”

JACKSON: Are you a Jedi?

CHRISTIE: You know I can’t answer questions like that—

JACKSON: Why not?

CHRISTIE: What I can tell you—

JACKSON: Do you have a lightsaber? You’re either a Jedi or a dark side bad person.

CHRISTIE: Now look, I read that—

JACKSON: You have a lightsaber, which is much lighter than a bronze sword.

CHRISTIE: I cannot confirm or deny that, but what we have seen Captain Phasma with is a blaster.

JACKSON: Okay, alright. I won’t ask you about your lightsaber…

CHRISTIE: Look Sam, you know I want to tell you absolutely everything but I just can’t.

JACKSON: That’s okay, that’s okay. Some of us had really dope colored lightsabers, like purple. Like the only the purple lightsaber in the universe.

CHRISTIE: I heard that Ewan McGregor made the noises of the lightsaber while he was doing the fight and they had to get rid of it on the soundtrack, is that true?

JACKSON: It’s probably true, yeah, but George never cared how much noise we made, or what was going around us.


CHRISTIE: When you did the Star Wars movies you already had a colossal canon of work, but did you notice a change when you started doing the Star Wars movies? Did you notice a change in fan base and the way people kind of responded to you?

JACKSON: Oh yeah, totally. I’m a Jedi, first of all, and I’m the second highest Jedi in the world next to Yoda. You reach a whole ‘nother level of fan craziness and worship. If you are a Jedi, just understand something: people are going to be chasing you. The Jedi Council of every city you enter is going to be chasing you. I’ve been accosted by the Jedi Council in Rio and everywhere else.

CHRISTIE: Wow. What I can tell you is that I am a member of the dark side.

JACKSON: That’s good. There’s a lot of light out there too. You live in the only country where you can put Jedi on a job application and nobody blinks an eye.

CHRISTIE: [laughs] Have you done that?

JACKSON: No, I’m just telling you that’s a legal religion in the U.K. You can put that on there and nobody will think you’re crazy.

You can read the full interview here.


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