After talking about Gwendoline Christie respecting the Prequels, well Adam Driver did exactly the contrary by disrespecting them while he was talking about The Force Awakens … the actors of the movie aren’t allowed to say much about the movie so Mr. Driver decided to go disrespect the Prequels instead. A person who was probably a PT hater asked him if TFA would be better than these 3 movies and his answer was “Oh yeah,F‑‑‑ yeah! Yeah, yeah”, it was definitely unprofessional of Adam Driver to answer this, he could have answered ‘In my opinion, The Force Awakens is better than the Prequels.” that would have been respectful but Mr. Driver went on the disrespectful road. (EW first reported Driver’s comments here.)
The actors from the PT respect the OT, they do and the OT at least Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill respect the PT. The PT and OT are the immovable objects of the Canon Star Wars history thus everyone who works for Star Wars should respect the PT. If they don’t like them, it is their opinions but it doesn’t mean they have to disrespect a part of the saga. From the beginning of the production of TFA, this hasn’t been the case – Simon Pegg bashing the PT once again while he is involved in TFA, Adam Driver disrespecting the PT, the video reel of the SDCC that got viral and other things so let’s hope that how Episode VIII will change from TFA. The promotion of TFA wanted to bring back the haters in SW and wanted the press not to bash them so they made this nostalgia promotion which was a bad move to do because it ignored the majority of the fans.

John Boyega was interviewed recently by Time Out, he did not bash the Prequels but I’m mentioning it because he gave credits to the haters by saying “There are a lot of haters” when it has been proved several times (just look at how successful the PT were at the box office – even more successful than the OT) that the haters are just a minority, Lucasfilm has made studies showing that “among the general population, the world loves both Star Wars trilogies equally.” The best to do is to ignore the haters so it is annoying to see them get credits by people mentioning them. I think Boyega could have defended the Prequels because what he said in his interview did not bash them but it did not defend them either, he saw the movies so he could have shown some support. However, there is one thing to remember about is interview “It’s all a matter of opinion” and haters should remember this because haters don’t acknowledge other opinions than themselves.


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