We are in the final days of the countdown to Star Wars The Force Awakens – only 4 days to go for France and other European countries (Dec. 16), 5 days to go for UK (Dec. 17) and 6 days to go for US (Dec. 18). There are also two premieres – Dec. 14 in Los Angeles for the US and Dec. 15 for the European Premiere in London.

What to do while waiting during these 4 days? Well, if you haven’t already doing a Star Wars marathon is a great idea, rewatching the 6 movies is a good preparation to get ready for the 7th.

Today, I propose to take a look back at the 2 Teasers and final trailer of TFA and talk about my initial reaction to these.

The first teaser:
This first look at The Force Awakens was disappointing for me, something was missing. It sure did present us the new characters but it didn’t feel right. Although, John Boyega’s and Daisy Ridley’s acting were definitely good, no doubt of that. Seeing the Millenium Falcon again was great but the way it was shown, my head was turning too much.

The second teaser:
It was a lot better, hearing Luke’s lines from Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi while we saw different shots from the movie gave me chills! I was like WOW Vader’s helmet, it’s awesome! I was really surprised when I saw Leia’s hands taking Anakin’s lightsaber (lightsaber that Luke lost on Bespin in Star Wars Episode V Empire Strikes Back) and well seeing Han Solo was just the best thing!

The final trailer:
It was just MIND-BLOWING! The visuals were literally breathtaking. I really liked that we got a good introduction to Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren at the beginning giving a little more but not too much about the plot. I loved all the parallels to the Prequels that were made in this trailer like for example Leia in Han Solo’s arms the same way Padmé was in Anakin’s arms in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, seeing the flags from the pod races of the PT outside Maz’s castle was great too! Hearing Rey, Kylo, Finn finally talking was just awesome! My very favorite part of this trailer was Han Solo saying “It’s true all of it. The Jedi, the dakrside, they’re real.” It showed a real development in his character, him who didn’t believe in the Force in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.


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