In an interview with TIME, Harrison Ford shut them down avoiding to talk about the Prequels. That’s what he had to say:

Ford: Well, we walk the line of a wholly digital green screen movie. We did not do that, there’s a great advantage to building physical sets. Both in spending and they help ensure you’re keeping it to a human scale. I think of the problems with the CGI is that you can, if you need 100 villains and you’re only a few keystrokes from having 1000, and what the hell, it’s the same price. What happens is you overwhelm the human experience with kinetics and you lose what I refer to as scale. What needs to be preserved is the emotional experience a human being can identify with.

TIME: Do you think there was some of that happening in the prequel trilogy?

Ford: I don’t. I wouldn’t say that. I mean, I wouldn’t let you ask me that.

Harrison Ford in 2010 (for an interview for the movie Morning Glory) said he had not seen the Prequels. He never acted as a Star Wars fan/geek, he probably does not rewatch the Originals very often or did he even rewatch them in the recent years I don’t know. His answer was professional, he is not going to praise or criticize something he hasn’t seen.


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