The Force Awakens and cameos

The Force Awakens had some special guest-stars making cameos here and there, here’s the list of the people who made these special appearance in the movie: (contains some spoilers)

– Daniel Craig: The man we know as James Bond plays a stormtrooper on whom Rey uses mind trick to escape from her cell on Starkiller Base.

– Thomas Brodie-Sangster: he plays a First Order Officer.

– Michael Giacchino: JJ Abrams’ friend who worked on the soundtrack of all his projects except Star Wars plays a stormtrooper!

– Billie Lourd: Carrie Fisher’s daughter plays Kaydel Ko a person working in the Resistance.

– Ken Leung: a Lostie (actor from the TV series LOST), a series that JJ Abrams produced, plays Admiral Statura, it’s more than a cameo he has some lines and some time on screen but I list him here because it’s always great to see a Lostie in a JJ Abrams production!

– Ewan McGregor and Frank Oz as reported here.

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