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The first volume of the Darth Vader comic series contains the first six issues, it’s the second main series with the one called ‘Star Wars’ (we reviewed its first volume here. ), the two series are heavily connected and their events happen at the same time after Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

It’s the series with the most important references to the Prequels and The Clone Wars which is amazing. We get to see the droid army again as Vader tries to build his personal army and goes to Geonosis to do so – battle droids, super battle droids, commando droids and droidekas! As we go to Geonosis we learn the planet as been sterilized killing every living form on its surface meaning no more Geonosians except the Queen from TCW 02×07 ‘Legacy Of Terror’ who’s still alive and still lives underground, obviously she is no match to fight Vader. We can even see Vader having some memories of his time with Padmé and it shows that there’s still good in him somewhere, he hasn’t totally forgotten who he really is. He keeps Padmé in his mind and a proof of that is that he uses a Naboo Royal Starship, the same kind of ship as Padmé used when she was a queen!

In terms of story, we finally learn how Darth Vader knew Luke was a Skywalker – he hired Boba Fett to find out who was that kid. Using Boba Fett was mostly to please his fanboys but it was not necessary to have him in the story just like in the Star Wars comics volume 1.

We see the Emperor playing more mind games and manipulations on Vader which was great to see and more is definitely to come and he tries to replace Vader which is a shocking moment but the people who faces Vader are definitely no match, it was nice to see a Mon Calamari with an armor like Grievous, it looks weird on a Mon but it’s cool!

Aphra is a new character but I’m disappointed by her. I expected her to be a strong female character instead I got an annoying character, I really hope there’s not a love story coming between Aphra and Vader because it just seemed like Aphra was going this way and it would make no sense to have this. They made a good-looking character but she’s kind of useless and has no place in this story so I don’t know where it’s going with her character but so far it’s not brilliant, she’s really the weak point of this series. If they need an example of strong female character they can just look at the Prequels with Padmé Amidala since they make references to her when Vader has his flashbacks.

7/10 A good beginning to this series showing us a strong but slightly tormented Darth Vader, an interesting story with some weak points.


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