2015 is almost over so it’s time to take a look back at this awesome year for Star Wars and make of a list of the best things of this year.

5. Star Wars Rebels
In 2015, we got the end of Star Wars Rebels season 1 and the first half of season 2, a lot of great things happened in these episodes with great returns from TCW – Ahsoka, Rex, Hondo Ohnaka! And new characters!

4. Star Wars Video Games
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2015 was a great year for Star Wars video games – the amazing expansion of Star Wars The Old Republic (which was the best SW video game of this year for me, it’s actually my favorite SW video game), the launch of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars on Disney Infinity and obviously the newest Battlefront!

3. Star Wars Dark Disciple
Christie Golden wrote a novel based on 8 unaired episodes of The Clone Wars and it was brilliant! We got a fantastic story and the fate of Asajj Ventress.
You can read my review here.

2. Star Wars The Clone Wars The Bad Batch Arc Story Reels
The 2015 Star Wars Celebration brought a lot of smile by giving the fans another TCW unfinished story and it was not any story, it was the Bad Batch arc, we had heard about it thanks to Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz writers of this arc so finally seeing this arc was fantastic! It was in story reels yes but I never say no to more TCW, I hope we’ll get more of these unfinished stories in the upcoming years!
You can read my review here.

1. Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens
The last Star Wars movie we saw in cinemas was Star Wars The Clone Wars in 2008 that introduced us the amazing award-winning series of the same name, and 7 years later we saw Episode VII in cinemas. Honestly, I thought TCW movie was the last Star Wars movie I’d see in cinemas but to my great surprise more SW movies are coming in the upcoming years which is fantastic. Every Star Wars movies have been successes at the box office (even TCW movie was a success despite what some “critics” tried to say. With a budget of $8.5 million, TCW grossed $68.3 million at box office so you can see it by yourself, it’s a success) and it’s with no surprise that The Force Awakens is a huge hit too!
I’ve never been disappointed by any SW movies and the rule hasn’t changed with TFA, I loved it very much!
You can read my review here and my analysis here and here.


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