Star Wars Rebels: Second Half of Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second part of the second season of Star Wars Rebels has been released and it is MIND-BLOWING! There is a lot of The Clone Wars feels in this trailer, especially with the Sith Temple, the Jedi Temple Guards, Ahsoka, it’s reminiscent of the Mortis arc and Yoda S6 arc very much and I love this! We can see Cham Syndulla, the freedom fighter of Ryloth in this trailer, it’s great to see more and more TCW characters popping up in Rebels! Darth Maul is also in this trailer when there’s the line “Call me old master” definitely seems to be him! We can see an hologram of Anakin which is pretty awesome! We can also see a little bit of the much awaited Ahsoka vs. Darth Vader fight and hear Vader talking to Ahsoka in his Anakin voice and it looks like very much like Matt Lanter recorded these lines. The second part of season 2 will surely be EPIC!


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